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Adult Education is the study of training and educating people who have reached adulthood. It includes vocational training, general education, and even formal, non-formal, and informal education.

People who enrol in Adult Education programmes are generally over 25 years old and aim to gain knowledge and skills to improve their chances of being hired, acquire specific abilities necessary for a carer change, and so on.

Adult Education is available at all levels of education, including Bachelor’s and Master’s. A typical curriculum includes subjects like Professional Success, Adult Learning Theory, Learning Styles, Critical Thinking, Communication, Social Sciences, Family Literacy, Technology in Education, etc.

You should be careful when choosing an Adult Education degree because some programmes specialise in training future adult educators or teachers. Always double-check the course content to make sure it aligns with your academic and career goals.

Teachers in Adult Education may practice in various settings including corporate training, professional development, community college, non-profit or human services. Some programs also qualify graduates to become trainers in specific professions, such as emergency medical technician training (EMT), health training, life coaching, and others.

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