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What is Drama Studies?

Drama Studies is an exciting field of study that explores the wonderful world of theatre. It focuses on everything related to drama, theatre, and performance, including both the practical and theoretical aspects. By studying Drama Studies, you'll have the opportunity to nurture your creativity, imagination, and love for the performing arts.

Drama Studies Specialisations

Within Drama Studies, students can choose to specialise in various areas, depending on their interests. The most common specialisation in Drama Studies is:

  • Acting,
  • Directing,
  • Playwriting,
  • Theatre History,
  • Theatre Production.

These specialisations can be pursued at both the Bachelor's and Master's levels, allowing students to gain in-depth knowledge and hone their craft.

What will you learn during a Drama Studies programme?

Joining a Drama Studies programme immerses you in the world of theatre. Here's what you'll learn:

  • practical skills in acting, directing, and playwriting,
  • understanding of theatre history and dramatic literature,
  • critical analysis of theatrical performances,
  • experience in theatre production and design,
  • collaboration and communication skills within a creative team.

Courses you'll likely take include:

  • Acting Techniques: Developing performance skills and understanding acting methodologies.
  • Playwriting: Learning to write scripts for theatre performances.
  • Theatre History: Studying the evolution of theatre over time.
  • Directing: Learning to oversee theatrical productions.
  • Theatre Production and Design: Understanding the practicalities of staging a theatre production.

Drama Studies is a good degree for those with a passion for theatre and performance. The skills you get from Drama Studies courses such as creativity, teamwork, and public speaking, are highly valuable and transferable across many fields.

Skills required for a degree in Drama Studies

The Drama Studies degree requirements include creativity, strong communication skills, the ability to work collaboratively, and a passion for the performing arts. Dedication, resilience, and the ability to accept and act on feedback are also important.

What can you do with a Drama Studies degree?

A Drama Studies degree can lead to a range of careers in the theatre and beyond. The jobs you can get with a Drama Studies degree include:

  • Actor or Performer,
  • Theatre Director,
  • Playwright,
  • Drama Teacher,
  • Theatre Producer.

A Bachelor's in Drama Studies can lead to roles such as actor, drama teacher, or theatre technician. A Master's in Drama Studies could pave the way to more specialised roles in directing, playwriting, or theatre production. So, is a Drama Studies degree worth it? Absolutely! If you're passionate about theatre and performance, this degree can lead to a fulfilling career in the arts.

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