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What are Film Studies?

Film Studies is an engaging discipline that explores and analyses the relationship between film production, culture, and society, from different perspectives - historical, theoretical, or critical. By pursuing a degree in Film Studies, you are going to learn how to appreciate a film as a work of art or a book, from its content to techniques and stylistic elements used.

Film Studies Specialisations

Film Studies degrees offer a wide range of specialisations since each program is different from one University to another. The focus is not on film production, which is sometimes not even included in the curriculum. Some of the most common Film Studies specialisations are:

  • Film and Media
  • Cinema Arts
  • Film and Television

These specialisations might be found under different names in both Bachelor's and Master's Degrees.

What will you learn during a Film Studies programme?

Film Studies is a good degree choice if you are interested to obtain a deeper understanding of film cinema and visual media. You'll dive into the multifaceted film theories that are shaping the way people view films. Some of the skills you learn during a Film Studies course include:

  • deep understanding of film,
  • research and writing skills,
  • creative and critical thinking skills,
  • communication and presentation skills,
  • management and organisational skills.

Common Film Studies Courses include:

  • Film and History: explore the origins of films to the current moment that will help in finding the cultural and historical context of a film.
  • Film and Form: learn the film's topics related to formal qualities such as narrative, acting, sounds, editing, and cinematography.
  • Film and Genre: become familiar with the relationship between film and genre, either as a story-type category, particular filmmaker, or filmmaking movement.
  • Film and Human Experience: learn how to examine a film as a way of expressing human experiences - from personal experiences to cultural, from spiritual to philosophical and others.
  • Film and Production Culture: learn about aspects of film production such as acting or screenwriting.

These skills you learn while pursuing a Film Studies degree are not only applicable in the film industry but also in a wide range of careers, such as Art, Journalism, Academia, or Marketing.

Skills required for a degree in Film Studies

To excel in Film Studies, you need to have a strong interest in history and culture studies since they play a big part in the film aspects. Good communication skills are crucial since you need to influence and persuade people's opinions. Film Studies degrees often include topics where you need an open mind and flexibility since there might be cultural differences regarding the way your peers might interpret a film.

What can you do with a Film Studies degree?

The jobs you can get with a Film Studies degree are varied and rewarding. Depending on your programme, or your courses, the options are limitless. Here are a few popular jobs for a Bachelor's degree holder:

  • Film or cultural critic
  • Journalist
  • Film curator
  • Production Assistant
  • Scriptwriter
  • Art director

With a mixt between liberal arts education and applicable skills necessary in filmmaking, a career in any Film Studies specialisation can be a fulfilling one.

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