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Construction Management teaches you to successfully handle building projects from start to finish and deliver a structure that meets the owner’s expectations.

It’s the duty of a construction manager to ensure that on-site workers turn plans into real structures. This means once you graduate Construction Management you will work in a complementary area to Civil Engineering, where students learn how to design and analyse a construction project. As a civil engineer, you create the drawings and reports that the construction manager is going to use on-site.

As a construction manager you represent the owner’s interest, manage and plan workflows so that the project is finished on time and within the budget. It means staying on top of schedules, deadlines, materials, safety, while also being able to foresee and prepare for delays and managing the activity of other on-site engineers and workers.

Successful construction managers are excellent leaders and negotiators, and have strong people, time management, delegation, and risk management skills, among others. After graduating with a Construction Management degree, you are qualified to work as a construction manager, sustainability consultant, general contractor, facility manager, etc.

During a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Construction Management expect to take courses on construction safety, structural design, cost estimating, temporary structures, material science, construction law, resource planning, and sustainability in the built environment.

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