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Management, Organisation and Leadership is a group of academic disciplines that study the tools, strategies, and business acumen necessary to run a department or a company efficiently and sustainably.

Management, Organisation and Leaderships tries to answer questions like: Which are the most important resources and assets? What are the short and long-term plans for the company? What are the best methods to keep employees happy and motivated? How to reduce unnecessary costs and liabilities and maintain the financial stability of the enterprise?

Students can choose from a wide range of business-focused disciplines, such as Facility Management, Sustainable Management, Healthcare Management, Digital Business Management, Fashion Management, Business Logistics, and many others.

While the curriculum varies from one discipline to another, you can expect to take classes in Micro and Macroeconomics, Statistics, Managerial Accounting, Business Law, Business Communication, Leading and Motivating, Negotiation, Global Business Environments, Marketing Principles, etc.

Graduates in management, organisation and leadership can build their careers in any area or industry that implies following a business plan. These areas include, for example: retail, construction, hospitality and tourism, IT, supply chain and logistics, manufacturing, or public administration.

At entry-level, a graduate in management could be part of the sales staff or an assistant accountant, or even an area sales manager. By mid-level, they should have positions like sales and marketing manager of operations manager. Finally, advanced professionals become part of the board of directors, general managers or chief executive officers (CEO).

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