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Everything you need to know about studying Film, Photography & Media in 2023

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Film, Photography & Media will help you specialize in one of the popular visual arts of the present. These disciplines will teach you all the inner workings that make a feature movie, documentary or short film come to life. Photography will teach you the subtleties of capturing shape, light, colour and framing them in the perfect ways. Media may explore ways of combining film and photography with other emerging visual tools such as digital integration.

Students of Film, Photography & Media degrees will attend classes covering topics such as Commercial Photography, Photojournalism, Film Interpretation, the History of Media, and more.

Film studies explore the complex relationship between film and television, the fascinating progress of the film industry, what are the main steps of film production as well as filming techniques, tricks, and ways of interacting and communicating ideas to the audience. Some courses will also deep-dive into the main film schools throughout history and the way they have influenced movie-making art, up until the present. Explore the development of movies from silent movies, black and white films up until current day block-busters.

Photogrophy studies are the first step to take for professional photogrophers and explore digital and analog photography and ways to convey powerful messages by capturing static moments. Students taking courses in Film or Photography will also understand the ways that society and culture influence media and vice-versa.

Film, Photography and Media graduates can look forward to prospective careers such as movie directing, freelance photography, photojournalism, camera operating, film and video editing, or visual effects editing.

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