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Izmir University of Economics

3.6 out of 5 (57 ratings / 19 reviews) Izmir, Turkey
Izmir University of Economics (IUE), the first foundation university in Izmir and in Aegean region, was established in 2001 by Izmir Chamber of Commerce Education and Health Foundation. In addition to 9.500 alumni in its 17-year history, IUE has today 9.500 students studying at associate degree, undergraduate and graduate programs in an extensive variety of fields in the beautiful city of Izmir.

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?zmir University of Economics (IUE) was established in 2001 by “?zmir Chamber of Commerce Education and Health Foundation”. IUE is the first foundation university of the Aegean region offering degree programs in associate, undergraduate, master’s , and doctorate levels.


  • The University currently has 8 Faculties, 2 Schools, 3 Vocational Schools, 4 Graduate Schools, and 10 Research and Application Centers.
  • These academic units offer 32 different associate degree programs, 35 different undergraduate programs, 38 different graduate programs, and 9 different PhD programs.
  • Departments of “Culinary Arts and Management” and “Fashion and Textile Design” accept students through pre-registration and associate degree programs accept students through student selection and placement center (placed by OSYM).
  • Izmir University of Economics has ERASMUS program agreements with 171 universities in 26 countries and has academic cooperation protocol with 47 universities abroad


IUE has 7 research and implementation centers focusing on different research areas. In addition to this, IUE is one of the institutions establishing Izmir Science Park. IUE is also running Embryonix Technology Transfer Office which was founded to strengthen the relationship between universities and industry in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship. Because of the projects of our students about “Entrepreneurship” IUE received “Entrepreneurship Flag” 3 times. Apart from that IUE also offers short term training programs at our “Continuous Education Center” which is also open to public.


Career Guidance Center which is established to create a career consciousness in the students by introducing them to the business life provides the students with the opportunity of planning their future during their education.


Housing services

IUE has an on-campus dormitory with a 480-room capacity. International students can stay in the dormitory by paying the accommodation fee. The dormitory offers a very comfortable, secure, enjoyable, and hygenic environment to our students to make their student life much more easier during their study.

The dormitory accommodates 480 students, the first 4 floors of the building are allocated for female students and the other 4 floors are allocated for male students. All the doors are operated by a personal card system. Common areas are under constant surveillance. If the dormitory is not preferred, there are also furnished apartments in the district available with reasonable prices.

Library services

IUE owns a computer based library and a documentation center. The library consists of printed and electronic information resources. There is campus-wide internet Access including the library, classrooms, cafeteria, restaurant, and dormitory. The campus and the buildings of IUE are easily accessible by disabled students. There is also a "Disability Support Center" which helps disabled students continue their academic studies under the same conditions with other students.

ICT services

Having hi-tech equipments, the university has the capacity to follow the latest developments in technology with its advanced IT infrastructure. The university buildings were designed to allow wireless internet access in all parts of the campus including the library, classrooms, cafeteria, restaurant and dormitory.

Moreover, an IT Help Desk assists students if they have any kind of problem with their laptops, internet access or other IT services.

Medical services

IUE has a doctor and a nurse at the service of students. Furthermore, counseling and psychological help is offered to provide mental, psychological and social development of our students. In addition, psychological consultancy and support for students are provided by Student Development and Counseling Center (SDCC).

Student Life

Campus life

On campus there are sports areas, dance halls, and basketball fields. There are also restaurants and cafeterias run by Firuz Catering. Dormitory building is also located on campus.  Additionally, there is a place where students can have their meals. Bioderm Beauty Center offers services in the main building area.

Other areas in the existing buildings can be listed as; conference halls, reading room and library, kitchen, infirmary, kiosks and dormitory.

Sports facilities

In addition to almost 60 social activity clubs, there are student clubs in various sports like American football, tennis, basketball, sailing, underwater, mountaineering and trekking, football on campus.

The university has:

  • 2 basketball field,
  • Indoor basketball/volleyball courts jointly used with Balcova Municipality,
  • Football field jointly used with Balcova Municipality,
  • 1 dance hall,
  • 2 Tennis court
  • Fit Stop Athleti?c Club

Student clubs

The student clubs, increasing each year in our university, not only contribute to the development of our university with their social activities and important organizations, they also protect the prestige and mission. Because of this reason, Student and Corporate Activities Directorate see it as their own responsibility to help and support the activities of the students financially and morally. 

The IUE Student Clubs, which get a lot of press, accentuate social and active face of our university as well as high quality education. They display the social aspect of our university in a best way.


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