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The University of Roehampton, London Online

The University of Roehampton, London Online offers a range of online masters programmes designed to help change lives, transform careers and shape communities.

Distance Learning Courses


Roehampton has a proud history that dates back more than 175 years through its four colleges. Now ranked the best modern university in London,* students from more than 150 countries have chosen to study online with Roehampton and earn a quality education accredited by the UK government.

Learning model and programme structure

Each of the Roehampton Online masters programmes has been designed to help you move forward in your life and follows the same basic structure.

Every online programme is made up of seven modules and a research project. Every module lasts 12 weeks. You then have a break of approximately two weeks before resuming your studies. Your research project is much like a dissertation, in which all previous leaning culminates in an academic research paper.

Modules equate to 20 academic credits while your research project carries 40 credits – but you have 26 weeks to complete that part of your programme.

Online learning

How will I learn?

Learning with Roehampton Online is a live process. Students from around the world take the knowledge they have gained from faculty instruction and classroom debate, and put it to work immediately in their own lives.

When do I have to be online?

At Roehampton Online, we understand that most of our students have busy careers and active personal lives outside the classroom. Our online learning model has therefore been designed to empower you with the ability to choose when and where you study:

  • No set lecture times
  • Classroom access 24 hours a day
  • Comprehensive support

What will I learn?

At Roehampton Online, we believe that learning can only be truly effective when it can be applied towards pursuing a brighter future. This is why we design our programmes to equip you with practical skills that can be put to work immediately in your community and career.

Tuition fees

In offering an all-inclusive tuition fee,* Roehampton Online aims to ensure that you don’t encounter hidden costs during your studies. The cost of tuition includes your course materials, e-books, library access, technology fees and personal support, as well as additional career-enhancing services.

Roehampton Online also offers a range of payment plans to help you pay at a pace that best suits you.

Request information to learn more about the tuition fees for your specific programme.

* The all-inclusive tuition fee means that there are no added costs for books, library access, technology fees or your application. This fee is subject to change over the life of your program.


The online degree programmes at Roehampton Online are designed for professionals looking to further their education and enhance their careers. So work experience is an important factor when choosing the most suitable applicants for a course.

If you already hold a bachelors degree (or equivalent) and have relevant work experience, you may be eligible for full admission into one of our programmes.

Even if you don’t have a suitable bachelors degree, you may still be eligible if you have enough relevant professional experience. If so, you may be conditionally admitted. As long as you pass the first module, you’ll then be granted full admission.

Request information to learn more about the admission requirements for your specific programme.


At Roehampton Online youll receive support from the moment you enquire to beyond the day you graduate, from:

  • Your enrolment advisor your one-stop shop for advice and information during the application process
  • Faculty mentors, instructors and facilitators to learning, faculty members are there to provide direction in the classroom
  • Roehampton Employability and Careers Hub or REACH provides 24/7 access to resources that can help you find a better job
  • The Centre for Student Success a learning resource full of video links and services designed specifically to help you succeed
  • The Writing Centre receive personalised feedback from expert writing tutors and get better at producing academic work
  • Skill units hit the ground running with your studies thanks to these free short introductory courses


The term accreditation is used differently in different education systems around the world. In the UK, universities have an accreditation status by virtue of degree-awarding powers (recognised bodies) through an Act of Parliament.

Maintaining high academic standards is central to Roehamptons vision. As a UK-based institution, the University complies with the academic standards set by the UK governments Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). These standards are the same for all programmes undergraduate, postgraduate and research-based whether delivered online or on campus.

London, England, United Kingdom


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