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Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH) is one of the biggest research universities in Lithuania, with a focus on technologies, engineering and strong emphasis on university-business cooperation. VILNIUS TECH provides an innovative and responsive learning environment for international students – more than 45 study programmes at a Bachelor, Master and PhD levels are taught in English language in the fields of Engineering, IT, Social Sciences and Arts. A diverse range of study programmes cater to students from all over the world. VILNIUS TECH conducts scientific research and experimental development in 10 faculties, 13 institutes, 3 research centers and 22 research laboratories. Around 8000 students attend the university, with international students from 82 countries. 

Top reasons to study here

  • Part of the European Higher Education Area and the ATHENA European University Alliance, we provide high quality studies and internationally recognized degrees.
  • With exchange and placement programmes in more than 400 partner institutions around the world, there are plenty of opportunities to apply and diversify skills.
  • International students applying to the first year of Bachelor’s or Master's degree studies at VILNIUS TECH can be awarded a full or partial scholarships.


Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH) has a proud tradition of learning and teaching which dates back to its foundation year in 1956. VILNIUS TECH inspires and develops talents: socially-responsible, creative, forward-thinking people, who bring change to the environment and big university community together, work towards social, economic, cultural welfare and technological progress.


We offer undergraduate, graduate and PhD study programmes fully taught in English. VILNIUS TECH provides quality learning, teaching and research programs through its Quality Assurance Management System. We aim to deliver our services to the standards set within the European Higher Education Area (ESG). VILNIUS TECH mission is to develop a publicly responsible, creative, competitive individual who is receptive to science, the latest technologies and cultural values; to promote scientific progress, social and economic well-being; to create value that ensures the development of both Lithuania and the region in the global context. VILNIUS TECH vision is to be a prestigious Lithuanian institution of higher education, the scientific and studies level of which conform to the best European technical universities' level. The university is attractive for both Lithuanian and foreign students, is able to respond to the environmental challenges and has a great social importance to the national progress.


At VILNIUS TECH we align with the aims and objectives of the European Research Area, which takes a multidisciplinary approach to scientific research. Thus, our main research areas integrate electronics, IT, transport and social sciences. Currently, about 40 percent of the university’s income is derived from the scientific services that we provide.Our participation in national and international projects and collaboration with business sector, means that we are able to establish close ties with research institutions and the business sector. The University is involved in several international technology networks and organizations, which enhances our standing as a state-of-the-art research institution.


The goal of our University is to help students find their perfect career path and acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for creating their future in Lithuania and the world. Together with the technological advancements, the focus of the job market is shifting: the qualification and the hard skills of the young specialist are not the only things that matter. Languages, social skills, and abilities to adjust in this ever-changing environment are just as important these days. As a reaction to the changes of employers needs, Career consultant at VILNIUS TECH is offering a broad spectrum of career services. VILNIUS TECH ’s Career and psychological counseling group organizes meetings with business representatives and various career related events: a set of events “Career Days”, lectures by business representatives, visits to companies. Students can work full-time after getting the Temporary Residence Permit.

Distance Learning Courses

Student services


Housing services

VILNIUS TECH international students dormitory is situated in the university campus. It takes 7-10 min walk to the dormitory from the Central building of administration of the university and faculties of Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Business Management, Fundamental Sciences, Electronics, Mechanics and Transport Engineering. Faculties of Architecture and Creative Industries are located in the city centre. Deposit for the dormitory you will have to pay by bank transfer before your arrival. Usually the rooms are in a block, which consists of two double rooms, a hall, WC, shower, and a kitchen. There are a few blocks that contain one double room, WC, shower, and a kitchen.   Each room is fully furnished with two beds, one desk, a little cupboard, a table, and two chairs. There is a sink, refrigerator, electric cooker and two dressers in every kitchen. There is a wardrobe in each room. Each person is provided with a blanket, pillow, pillowcase, sheet, and towel. Bedclothes are changed for cleaning every ten days, but in case of need, they may be changed more often. Rooms are cleaned two times a week. A guest may refuse the cleaning if he/she wants to take care by himself. The water is drinkable in the dormitory.

Library services

VILNIUS TECH library goal is: *to supply readers with information regarding the progress of research, education and learning at the university; *to make the local and external information resources accessible to the VILNIUS TECH community; *to become an active participant in the study process, in individual and group work, seminars, lectures, and self-education. Also students can use VILNIUS TECH Virtual library - an integral searching system allowing access to search for Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Library resources, subscribed databases, open access electronic resources, LST standards, other Lithuanian universities libraries resources, Lithuanian Academic Electronic Library (eLABa).

Medical services

All international students are supposed to have medical insurance valid in Lithuania during the study period.  Students from EU countries are required to have European insurance card or form E111.  Students from outside EU are requested to have International medical insurance for staying period in Lithuania. 

Campus life

University is located in Vilnius with a few locations around the city. Main campus is located in Saulėtekis with faculties of Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mechanics, Electronics, Transport Engineering, Fundamental Sciences and Business Management. Faculties of Architecture and Creative Industries are located in the Old town and Antanas Gustaitis Aviation Institute is located in Linkmenų st.

Sports facilities

For sports men and women there is no shortage of opportunities. Our athletes compete in sports as diverse as basketball, volleyball, football, tennis players, wrestling, track and field athletes, power lifting, and many other sports. VILNIUS TECH athletes are well represented in inter-university, national, international, European and World championships and tournaments. Beyond the University, Vilnius has plenty of sports and entertainment venues to suit all interests. 

Student clubs

VILNIUS TECH prepares students for success in both their professional and personal lives. The University offers a wide range of activities to ensure a vibrant student experience. Currently, VILNIUS TECH has more than 70 clubs and societies. The most significant clubs at Vilnius Tech:

  • Chorus „Gabija“
  • Folk dance group „Vingis"
  • Vilnius Tech Tourist Club
  • Theatre studio „Palp“ ("Attic“)
  • Orchestra
  • Erasmus Student Network
  • Vilnius Tech Gym
  • Salsa Cubana and Urban Bachata lessons
  • Lindy Hop lessons
  • Chess club
  • Art evenings


Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania

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