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Fundação Getulio Vargas

FGV’s mission is to stimulate Brazil’s national socioeconomic development. As one of the world’s leading knowledge centers, we strive to always be an innovative institution, for our students and society as a whole.


Fundação Getulio Vargas was founded on December 20, 1944. Its initial objective was to prepare qualified people to work in public and private administration in Brazil. At the time, the country was already starting to lay the foundations for the growth that would come in the following decades.


Our academic output is on a par with that of the world’s most advanced education institutions, and we have exchange programs with many of them. Thus, we can say that Fundação Getulio Vargas’ horizon is the limit of the imagination. We can also say that FGV’s activities have always been focused on strategic areas in Brazilian life, such as public administration, the economy, history and law. Public administration is essential as it reinforces the positive concept of state bureaucracy, and it is crucial in order for Brazil to be a great democracy.


The Research Network was created in 2016 with the objective of encouraging the development of applied research with excellence, strong impact and high level of innovation, thus to support the institution’s mission. To attain this objective, the Network helps to bring together the research activities of the public and private sectors and incentivize the formation of other research networks in Brazil and abroad. The Research Network also helps to disseminate the knowledge produced by the schools and research centers of FGV.

Distance Learning Courses

Student services

FGV EAESP offers some online services to facilitate students' access to information and other day to day academic needs. By clicking on the icons on the side, the student will be able to check their class schedule and credit control, subject grades, required and supplementary reading content, financial control, remission of slips, password reset, printing services, library, among others.

Housing services

Please note that Fundação Getulio Vargas does not have its own housing (residences), therefore out-of-town and international students will need to seek private accommodation. Although staff at the International Office is not able to search for accommodation on a student’s behalf, they can provide assistance and counseling to students in this matter.

Library services

The Karl A. Boedecker Library counts on a specialized collection in Management, Business, Economics, Social Sciences and Law, with 60,000 titles and 78,000 books, theses and dissertation copies; 1,600 periodical titles; 9,000 indexed periodical articles and 140 electronic publications, which include many databases, with complete articles, statistical data, laws etc.

Sports facilities

The AAAGV  – Getulio Vargas Academic Athletic Association is the students sports entity of the EAESP, EESP and EDESP at FGV. It was officially established in 1987, however it exists since 1954 as part of the Getulio Vargas Academic Board (DAGV). Currently, it is one of the largest athletic associations in the state of São Paulo, with great results in the competitions it takes part in. Therefore, the Association counts of the participation of a great part of the over four thousand students at FGV.

Student clubs

AIESEC , the International Economic and Commercial Sciences Student Association, headquartered at FGV/EAESP, the AIESEC (French acronym) is the largest student association in the entire world, nonpartisan and non-profit. The AIESEC is a global network of 20,000 members in over 84 countries and territories and is present in over 700 universities worldwide. 

FGV EAESP received AACSB accreditation for the first time in 2000. It was the first school in Brazil to obtain this important international accreditation. FGV EAESP received accreditation from EFMD/EQUIS for the first time in 2001, making it the first Brazilian school to obtain this international accreditation.

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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