Macquarie is bold and innovative. Unconstrained by tradition, we take a pioneering approach to research. Such an approach is largely responsible for our enviable reputation for research excellence – 100 per cent of our research is ranked at world standard or above and more than 100 of our researchers are ranked in the top one per cent of researchers in the world.

Top reasons to study here

  • A place of inspiration!
  • Renowned for excellence!
  • First-class facilities!

Distance Learning Courses

Education & Training (11)
Social Sciences (7)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (4)
Medicine & Health (4)
Computer Science & IT (3)
Business & Management (2)
Engineering & Technology (2)
Journalism & Media (1)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (1)



While only 50 years young, Macquarie has risen to be a progressive and influential institution both locally and internationally. Our campus brings together 40,000 students and 2000 staff in one thriving hub of discovery.


You are ready to take a pioneering approach to study:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Engineering and IT
  • Environment
  • Health and medical sciences
  • Law, security and intelligence
  • Media, creative arts and communication
  • Science
  • Society, history and languages
  • Undergraduate courses
  • Postgraduate courses
  • Foundation and pathway courses
  • Professional development and general interest
  • English Language Centre
  • IELTS preparation and testing
  • Open Universities Australia


Macquarie University was founded with a distinct purpose: to bring pioneering minds together and free them from traditional boundaries. To invite perspectives that had previously gone unheard. And together, boldly imagine new ways of thinking.

With an enviable reputation for research excellence and a driving desire to produce solutions with real-world impact, our discoveries are paving the way to a brighter future.

The Macquarie University Strategic Research Framework 2015 – 2024: World-Leading Research; World-Changing Impact, is designed to guide Macquarie University’s research trajectory over the decade 2015 – 2024.


The Career and Employment Service empowers students to develop the skills and knowledge to plan for their future career and successfully transition from student to professional.

Choosing a degree is the first step in defining your future career. However, your degree can offer you different career paths.

Knowing what you like the most about your degree will help you to choose your university subjects wisely and get the skills and experience needed to success in your chosen discipline.

Gathering information about the potential of your degree and the jobs you can apply for in the future will certainly help you discover where your real passion is and how you can get your dream job.


Student services

If you require information you can contact Student Advocacy and Support for information.

Housing services

Living among our vibrant community is one of the best experiences you can possibly have as a student. Our accommodation is unique as it provides a balanced academic and social lifestyle among a supportive environment you can’t get anywhere else. Our residents come from all over the world, creating a vibrant community where lifelong friendships are formed.

Our accommodation is located both on and off campus and offers unique experiences for its residents. Whether you prefer more supportive to the more independent environments, we offer various living arrangements to suit our diverse student community.

Library services

Library Facilities:

  • Computer facilities
  • Postgraduate study space
  • Presentation practice pods
  • Quiet rooms
  • Print scan and copy

ICT services

iLab is Macquarie University's personal computer laboratory on the Internet, enabling students to use the Microsoft Windows applications they require to do their university work from anywhere, anytime, on anything.

With temporary iLab sessions accessible from the Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems, the days of being bound by physical labs are coming to an end.

Medical services

  • Need a doctor after hours?

Contact the 24-hour GP service (Family Care medical service).

  • International students

Macquarie University Medical Services accepts most International Student health cover.

Student Life

Campus life

Our park-like North Ryde campus is located on 126 hectares within the heart of Australia’s largest high-tech precinct, just 15 kilometres from the city centre.

The campus comes complete with shops, cafes, banks, a bar, pharmacy, bulk-billed medical clinic, private hospital, counselling services, financial aid, childcare and on-campus wi-fi. And all within walking distance to a major shopping precinct.

Sports facilities

Our sports facilities are some of the best university facilities in the country – the Sport and Aquatic Centre features swimming pools, a state-of-the-art health club, squash and basketball courts, and a martial arts area.

Student clubs

Join one of over 130 student groups on campus, volunteer for the Buddy program, be a part of the student publication team -Grapeshot or get involved in our events!

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia