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VIA University College

VIA University College is Denmark’s largest university of applied sciences with 40 AP and Bachelor's degree programmes (almost half of them offered in English) and 19,000 students of which 2,500 are international students. Our focus on innovation and entrepreneurship has awarded us the prize as Denmark's leading entrepreneurial institution of higher education in both 2014 and 2018.

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VIA University College was established in 2008 as a result of a number of mergers of institutions of higher education.

VIA is not an abbreviation. It's Latin meaning is “by way of”. We see VIA as a station on life’s journey, where students learn and grow before travelling on as professionals ready to contribute to society and make a difference.


At VIA, we offer a wide range of educational programmes in health, social education, technology, design, engineering, business and animation. As Denmark's largest university of applied sciences, we strive to be a leading educational institution in Denmark and internationally.

Our programmes build on strong Danish traditions for educating students in cooperation with professional practice. Some programmes, like teaching, nursing and social education go back more than 100 years. They still play an important role in developing the worldknown Danish welfare society and creating growth and innovation in private industries.


Research areas:

  • Health and healthcare

  • Engineering, energy and environment

  • Pedagogy, teaching and learning

  • Design, film and animation

  • Social studies and management

  • Business and entrepreneurship


The Danish labour market is calling for skilled work and looking to hire international talents, especially in engineering. Therefore, VIA is working on several initiatives to prepare our international students for a career in Denmark by facilitating opportunities internships in Denmark and 1:1 career guidance.


Student services

Studynet is the central place for all the information you may need when studying at VIA. Every programme has a portal front page and a class website where students may share information. In addition, you can also find information on VIA and on VIA's different campuses. Information on the IT services provided by VIA IT can also be found at Studynet.

Housing services

There are multiple accommodation options in VIA’s campus cities – dormitories, private apartments, house sharing – depending on preference and the length of your stay. Dormitories and house sharing offers great opportunities for socialising and meeting new friends and are more affordable

Library services

The VIA Library vision is: To offer and develop the libraries as an integrated central element of the professional bachelor programmes’ unified physical and virtual learning environment, where teachers, students and librarians work together to discover, select, develop, utilise and facilitate new knowledge with the purpose of strengthening both the programmes’ and the professions’ knowledge base.

ICT services

You will need the laptop with a long battery life while studying at VIA. Please note that the technical programmes may have additional hardware demands. 

The computers located in our classrooms typically run Windows 7 and Windows 8.

VIA IT provides support on the central IT systems and services provided by VIA. VIA also provides a free Microsoft Office package at the beginning of your studies. 

Medical services

The Danish healthcare system offers equal and universal access for all residents. As an international student and resident in Denmark you will have access to free medical treatments with some exceptions, such as dental care and physiotherapy.

Student Life

Campus life

All of VIA’s campuses are newly built or newly renovated and offer modern facilities for our students.


VIA University College is a publicly recognised and state-financed higher educational institution regulated by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. 

Public higher educational institutions in Denmark are regulated by the Act for University Colleges of Higher Education (Act no. 562 of 6 June 2007 with later amendments). The act concerns degree structures, teacher qualifications and examinations. All programmes are accredited by the Danish Accreditation Council. 

VIA is a certified holder of an ERASMUS+ charter. We are a member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) and hold a Qualification Certificate from the People’s Republic of China.

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