University of Salamanca

The University of Salamanca, founded in 1218, is a medium sized university with over thirty thousand students. It is the second most popular university in the country for students wanting to study outside their home districts.



Founded in 1218 by King Alfonso IX, the University of Salamanca was Spain’s first institution of higher learning and the oldest in continuous operation. By 1254 it had received acknowledgment from Pope Alexander IV as being one of the four great world universities, along with the universities of Oxford, Paris and Bologna.


The university offers 81 courses in the first and second cycles spread throughout the five branches of knowledge. Like the majority of Spanish universities, the branch of Social and Legal Sciences is where the largest percentage of students are registered. However, there is also a large number of students specialising in Humanities and Experimental Sciences, well above those of Media and Spanish.


Housing services

The student residences in Salamanca are very popular among long-term students (studying full degrees at Salamanca University), and long-term students always have preference for places at the residences over short-term students (studying a year or less).

Extra facilities depend on the particular residence chosen – these can include access to a gym, TV rooms, terraces, bicycle hire, and much more. One of the residences we work with provides kitchens so that students can cook their own meals; the other residences provide a range of catering options.

Library services

The university has one of the most important and beautiful university libraries in Spain. In the main library located in the historical centre more than 160.000 volumes can be found. There are also important manuscripts and incunables from between the 11th and 14th centuries and about 40.000 books edited between the 16th and 18th centuries.

ICT services

The Spanish courses for foreigners department is located in one of the historical university buildings situated in the Patio de Escuelas Menores which is in the centre of the old town. Although it is a historical building, the classrooms have been modernised, having access to the latest technology lsuch as TV, video and tape recorders to help students progress as swiftly as possible.

Student Life

Campus life

The university is made up of 9 teaching and administrative campuses in Ávila, Zamora, Béjar y Salamanca. Therefore, it is characterised by its widely dispersed geography. In the city of Salamanca, the educational centres are grouped into six campuses: the Historical campus, Campus of Sciences, Campus de Canalejas, Campus Miguel de Unamuno, Campus Ciudad Jardín and Campus Villamayor.

Salamanca is a fundamentally university-focused city where close to forty thousand students live as part of a population which barely reaches one hundred and seventy thousand inhabitants.

Sports facilities

Salamanca University has two main sports complexes; the Polideportivo Universitario "Miguel de Unamuno" and the Complejo Deportivo Salas Bajas. Here you can practice almost all types of indoor and outdoor sports, including athletics, tennis, football, badminton, rugby, volleyball, etc.

Both complexes are located within walking distance of the old centre and it is possible to participate in sport activities at competition level or just as a hobby.


The university is officially recognized by the Ministerio de Universidades, EspaƱa (Ministry of Universities of Spain).

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