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The University of Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong (or HKU, as it is familiarly known to students, staff and alumni) is the oldest tertiary education institution in Hong Kong. On March 16, 1910, Sir Frederick Lugard, the then Governor of Hong Kong, laid the foundation stone for the University.


The University was first incorporated in Hong Kong as a self-governing body of scholars by the University Ordinance on March 30, 1911. In 1937, Queen Mary Hospital opened and has served as the University's teaching hospital since then. Before the outbreak of the Second World War, which would bring academic activities to a halt, there were four Faculties - Arts, Engineering, Medicine, and Science.


The University of Hong Kong, Asia’s Global University, delivers impact through internationalisation, innovation and interdisciplinarity.  It attracts and nurtures global scholars through excellence in research, teaching and learning, and knowledge exchange.  It makes a positive social contribution through global presence, regional significance and engagement with the rest of China.


HKU intends to be a world-class university with frontier research in critical areas through knowledge creation, translation, realisation and impact. HKU’s research policy is formulated to strengthen its capabilities in both fundamental and outcome-driven research and knowledge exchange within a culture that enables our researchers to flourish and innovate.

HKU’s research strategies and policies are managed by the University Research Committee (URC), a committee of the Senate chaired by the Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research). 

Student services

The University of Hong Kong has given unparalleled service to Hong Kong and the region since its foundation in 1911, drawing on the great cultural traditions of the West and China. We shall strive to continue to offer the highest standards of teaching, research and scholarship practiced in the international academic community, in an environment conducive to creativity learning, freedom of thought, enquiry and expression.

To fulfil our mission, the International Affairs Office of Admissions and Academic Liaison Section of Registry is established to maintain closer communication with overseas institutions in the aspects of student exchange, academic collaboration and cultural activities.

Housing services

If you do not want to reside in the university student residences, you can choose to find your own apartment or share a flat with your friends or other HKU students. Information on vacant flats and rooms can be found in local newspapers, real estate agencies or from the website of CEDARS. CEDARS runs an ‘Accommodation Service’ which gathers information on rooms and flats available for renting in the vicinity of the campus. 

Library services

The University of Hong Kong Libraries was established in 1912. The Main Library comprises an all-rounded collection of materials in the arts, humanities, science and technology, giving vital support to teaching and research in the University.The Main Library occupies the Library Building which is composed of the Old and New Wings. The Old Wing was opened in 1961 and renovated in 1992/93. 

ICT services

Welcome to all new comers joining HKU! Below is a quick starter guide to let new comers know the central IT services and facilities available to them for supporting their works and studies at the University.

Medical services

The University Health Service provides for the health needs of students, staff, dependants and retired staff with the aim of promoting and maintaining their physical and psychological well being through the provision of accessible and cost-effective primary health care and health education.

Campus life

The Main Campus of the University covers about 14 hectares of land in the Bonham Road and Pokfulam area of Hong Kong Island and accommodates five of the ten faculties, namely Architecture, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering and Science, as well as the Main Library.

Diversity of architectural styles is one of the greatest features of the Main Campus, having evolved since 1912. Besides different architectural styles, the hilly terrain in Pokfulam provides a unique landscape for the Main Campus which has many popular gardens and courtyards that contribute to the collective memory of our alumni.

Sports facilities

HKU sports facilities are first allocated on an annual basis to various user groups and programmes according to a priority list that has been approved by CSE Management Team. Once the requirements of these groups have been satisfied, bookings are accepted from students and sports card holders, and various internal and external groups.

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