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Business College of Athens

BCA has developed a balanced mix of curricula, combining both theory and practice. Each student has the ability to learn from successful professionals of the industry, receiving mentorship and guidance in order to gain the appropriate entrepreneurial mindset which lies at the core of the BCA philosophy.


Founded in 1971, BCA has formed a level of quality and study conditions unique among Greek educational institutions. BCA was also one of the first educational institutions with branches in Geneva and Rome, and the first private college offering validated programmes in Greece from UK Universities through exclusive agreements.


BCA Group is one of the largest educational institutions in Greece, offering Bachelors and Masters Degrees in the fields of Business Management, Maritime Studies, Hotel Management and Psychology. 


In line with BCA’s commitment to excellence, knowledge creation and innovation the BCA Research Centre was launched a year ago. The Research Centre took its place within the organisation as a “space” for knowledge and ideas exchanging, shaping and sharing. Accordingly the Research Centre’s key objective is to host research in a broad range of areas including management, marketing, economics, psychology, IT, shipping, and hospitality drawing on our faculty expert knowledge, talents and skills.


The BCA has created an organized office for professional promotion (Career Office) which also collaborates with many large companies in the private sector, which each year, address BCA in a desire to hire its graduates. The demand for able and trained employees in the sector of Business Administration, Marketing, Hotel Management, Shipping Management, Management of Food Businesses and Transport and Advertising, continues to be greater than the supply.

Student services

We aim to ensure that your experience at BCA Business College of Athens is positive and valuable by providing our continuous support. We offer ongoing assistance to students and encourage them to integrate with our current International Students as well as the wider community.

You will have the opportunity to participate in the campus orientation designed for all new students giving you the opportunity to become familiar with the campus, staff and the student population.

Housing services

BCA collaborates with a well established network of real estate agents located in the wider area of each of our campuses, responsible for finding suitable properties compatible with our students’ needs and financial resources. This service is coordinated by the Student Services Department and addresses mainly to students coming from abroad and other regions of Greece.

Library services

BCA has a fully stocked library with over 3000 titles. The collection is organized in accordance with the international standards of librarianship. The subject indexing is based on the subject headings of the Library of Congress of the U.S, and the classification is based on the decimal system of Dewey. The library has a fully automated system and the list of the collection is available online.

ICT services

Developments in IT and communications play a significant role in the quality of education as they offer students a unique experience which introduces them to the requirements of modern academic and work environments. At BCA we invest continuously in up-to-date equipment and innovative electronic services.

Medical services

Students at AUEB are entitled to full medical care through the National Health System, provided that they do not have any other medical and hospitalization coverage. Relevant costs are covered by the National Organisation for the Provision of Health Services.In addition, the University offers mental health counseling, which is provided by a doctor trained in counseling for psychosocial problems.

Campus life

BCA has acquired a state-of-the-art building, to which all the departments and activities will be transferred. It is an architectural jewel in Ambelokipi, of 4,100 square meters, designed by Alexandros Tombazis and reconstruction by Thanasis Chochlidakis. The renovation works have already started and in September we will welcome you to our new sophisticated premises.

  • Spacious multi-use facilities: Modern libraries with electronic access to infinite academic data bases will provide scientific knowledge on all the fields of study offered by BCA. The huge lounge area will become the college's social hub, while the pioneering multi-purpose theater will be the center of cultural life and entertainment.

Sports facilities

The fact that BCA has basketball and soccer teams is probably predictable. These are the most popular sports and it is natural for many students to be interested. The fact that these teams have won the first places in Inter-College Championships is also predictable.

The students at BCA are serious in anything they do and always want to stand out!

It is a known fact that athletics builds the body and the mind. That is why sports activities at BCA do not stop, each year organizing tournaments in paintball, bowling, billiards and trips for sailing, rafting, even winter skiing.

Student clubs


During the 1990’s BCA had its own music band under the supervision of Professor Mr. Diplaris, which indeed had managed to have its own musical programme at the known night club La Notte.


BCA Drama Society was founded in fall, 2013. It consists of students from a variety of programs offered at BCA, such as Business, Marketing, Psychology and Shipping, with an interest in performing. It aims to familiarize them with the art of drama and to help them develop creativity, self-expression as well as their verbal and nonverbal skills.

BCA was formally certified and accredited by the British Accreditation Council as an institute that offers Higher Education in February 2001

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