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EIGSI La Rochelle is heir to one of the four private Parisian Engineering Grandes Ecoles from the start of the 20th century: the Ecole d’Electricité et de Mécanique Industrielle (EEMI – école Violet) created in Paris in 1901.

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EIGSI, Engineering School, has a rich history dating back more than 110 years, combining academics, tradition, innovation and human adventure. Founded in 1901 in Paris, EIGSI is one of France’s oldest private engineering schools.  Since its foundation, it has graduated more than 7800 engineers.


EIGSI La Rochelle offers study programmes which develop cross-cutting expertise to train general system engineers. Thus, in addition to focusing on knowledge, expertise and people skills, we also teach students to engage in relational leadership. The courses offered have several training goals, in particular:

  • the acquisition of a wide range of multi-disciplinary scientific skills,
  • the development of managerial and people skills,
  • knowledge and learning of industrial practices,
  • international openness and a spirit of innovation.


The school’s missions cover three dimensions: training, research and innovation, which may be represented as a triangle, or as two foundations, with research and innovation contributing to reinforcing the excellence of engineer training. Research and innovation have several beneficial effects: they guarantee the standard of knowledge transmitted to students by the research professors who find themselves up against the very best international standards in their discipline. Also, they offer students excellent training grounds.


The primary objective of EIGSI La Rochelle is to prepare engineering students for successful entry into the professional world and ensure that they have the skills and experience that will make them highly employable.

EIGSI engineers can design and implement complex systems that require cutting edge skills. Knowledge, expertise and people skills are all hallmarks of EIGSI engineers.

EIGSI engineers have a wide range of skills and high-level scientific knowledge. They are prepared for a wide variety of jobs in all sectors.


Student services

Upon your arrival at EIGSI La Rochelle you will be welcomed by our students and our International Office. 

Library services

A university library open 61.5 hours per week, with 950 workstations, over 120,000 printed books, 1,100 print journals and 15,000 online journals, as well as 20 exhibits per year

Student Life

Campus life

EIGSI is located at the centre of the university campus of La Rochelle. This privileged location gives our engineering students access to both the facilities of the University of La Rochelle (University Library, sports halls, etc.), the cultural and recreational activities in the nearby historic La Rochelle city centre, nearly 100km of cycling paths and easy access to local beaches.

Sports facilities

The La Rochelle campus is a great place for playing sports, with facilities for more than 40 sports and fantastic ocean conditions for water and board sports. And with the team spirit and commitment of our students, you can be sure that EIGSI places a great emphasis on sports.

Our school is famous for the men’s and women’s team sports on offer, including rugby, soccer, basketball, handball and sailing races (EDHEC Cup).

Student clubs

There are lots of student organizations and clubs at EIGSI, with projects, events and initiatives in all areas, which the Students Activities Office (BDE) has organized into 5 clusters: the Expressive cluster, the Integrating cluster, the Generous cluster, the Sports cluster and the Ingenious cluster.


EIGSI is certified to award the title of graduate Engineer by the CTI for the maximum period of six years. In 2012, EIGSI formed a partnership with CFA-EIA and opened an apprenticeship engineering training section certified by the CTI in May 2012.

La Rochelle, Poitou-Charentes, France

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