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University of Ostrava

University of Ostrava

Top reasons to study here

  • Young, fresh, modern, open-minded spirit.
  • Individual teacher-to-student approach.
  • Affordability-we have one of the lowest cost of living in the EU and OECD.


Beginning as many universities do as a teacher’s college in 1953 the college grew in scope until September 28, 1991 when the University of Ostrava was founded. The University began with a Faculty of Education, a Faculty of Science and a Faculty of Art. Shortly after a Faculty of Medicine was added and in the early 2000’s the university added a Faculty of Fine Arts and a Faculty of Social Studies.


The University of Ostrava (UO) is a public research university educating nearly 9,000 students in six faculties:

  • Faculty of Science (BIology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Mathematics, IT)
  • Faculty of Medicine (General Medicine, Nusring, Public Healthcare, Medical Rescue, Therapeutic Fields)
  • Faculty of Arts (History, Languages, Psychology, Philosophy, Social Sciences)
  • Faculty of Social Studies (Social work, Social Policy, Health & Social Care)
  • Faculty of Fine Arts (Visual - Painting & Sculpture, Drawing & Graphics, New Media, Musical - Brass & String Instruments, Solo Singing)
  • Faculty of Education (Pre-school Education, Secondary School Teaching, Special and Social Pedagogy, Human Motion Studies)


The UO must become an equal partner of top-ranking universities and other scientific institutions both in the Czech Republic and abroad. To this end, the university will promote cooperation with other universities and research institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad with aim to transfer experience and to share teaching, research, and development capacities. Although it is important to focus predominantly on the main directions of research in which the UO achieves excellent results at an international level, it is also necessary to promote creative areas which are capable of solving crucial social problems.

Student services

  • Centre for International Cooperation. 
  • University of Ostrava Library.
  • Centre for Information Technology.
  • Disability Resources. 
  • Fitness – Body, energy, movement.


Housing services

The University of Ostrava J. Opletal Halls of Residence may accommodate up to 564 students. The dormitories are located in the Silesian Ostrava city quarter. The centre of the city is approximately 5 minutes by trolleybus or 10 minutes on foot from the dormitories.

The J. Opletal Halls of residence offer double or quadruple rooms with shared bathrooms in the hallways. There is a buffet on the campus that offers a hot breakfast, lunch and dinner and small workout gym. 

Library services

Our main library is located in the heart of Ostrava offering students study rooms, books and periodicals, copying services and meeting rooms. Each of our faculties also has a study room available to students. 

ICT services

Our Centre for Information technology offers IT support to students. We also participate in the worldwide Eduroam project providing Wi-Fi in many spots throughout the campus and city. 

Medical services

Healthcare facilities are located off campus.

Campus life

Our campus is the city of Ostrava; housed within recently renovated historical buildings or newly built structures our faculties, library and administrative buildings are spread throughout the city. Excellent public transportation or bike rental means you will be commuting with Czech office workers, school kids and others going about their daily routine. The city is at your disposal. This year we have also opened brand new New  CIty Campus. The courtyard, the greenery, bleacher stairs and a roof oval with sport facilities, a running track, two workout areas, a yoga post, as well as a bench names in the honor of Václav Havel will be all avaliable to you during your studies!

Sports facilities

Body - Energy – Movement is the name of our student fitness program (in Czech, TEP: Tělo – Energie – Pohyb). Available to the entire academic community (students and employees) access to fitness facilities and sports are significantly less expensive and, in some cases, free of charge.

There are countless different sports in the TEP program and this offer is constantly updated according to both the interest and the season. For example, throughout the year you can play squash or improve on your yoga, in winter, ski and snowboard courses are available and water sports exist in the summer. 

Student clubs

The number one club for our international students is the Erasmus Student Network of Ostrava. This group of dedicated volunteers create weekly programs for you to get to know other students, learn about Czech culture and share your own. 

But that's not all! Some other student organizations include:

  • Student Union of Students of Ostrava (SUS)
  • The Underground (Student Magazine)
  • AIESEC (International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences)
  • Czech Association of Students of Psychology 
  • International Federation of Medical Students' Associations Czech Republic (IFMSA CZ)
  • Geography Student Association (SSG)
  • Student Organization of Scientific Activities (SOVA)
  • Zebra

Czech Ministry of Education Youth and Sports.


Ostrava, Moravskoslezský Kraj, Czech Republic

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