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LUMSA (Libera Università degli Studi Maria Ss. Assunta di Roma)  is a public non-state Italian university formed on Catholic principles. It is the second oldest university in Rome after Sapienza, and was founded by Luigia Tincani in 1939. LUMSA is accountable to the state university system and awards qualifications equivalent to those issued by state universities.

Distance Learning Courses

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The University was established on 26 October 1939, the date it received both its canonical erection and civil recognition by the Italian State. Unusually for that time, it was established by a woman, Luigia Tincani, together with Cardinal Giuseppe Pizzardo, and has enjoyed the protection and support of the Holy See from the very start.


  • Ever since it was established, LUMSA's main focus has been on the individual. The training courses are built around the students, to respond to their study requirements and prepare them for the world of work, not neglecting the importance of human aspects. 
  • The relationships the students have with teachers and other University staff are based on listening and mutual exchange. The services provided by the University are designed to help students focus on learning, personal development and making the right career choices.


PhD programs or Doctoral degree programs (Dottorato di ricerca) are intended to train postgraduates for advanced scientific research or for senior professional positions; depending on the area of research, they will require students to make use of the latest technologies and learning techniques, and may involve periods of study abroad, or secondments ton specialist research centres.


LUMSA Talent Academy is an innovative project that provides a range of activities and services to help prepare students and graduates for entry to the employment market, with a Job Guidance service that focuses on personal attributes.


Student services

The Welcome Office is a support unit for:

  • International students
  • Doctoral students
  • Visiting professors
  • Visiting scholars who intend to come to LUMSA for their academic career

Housing services

  • There is a new counter service: LUMSA Accommodation Service, an innovative support offered by the LUMSA to its students who do not reside in Rome in the search and selection of suitable housing solutions or of a temporary accommodation of another kind.
  • The student is given complete assistance from the choice of the accommodation to the definition of the tenancy agreement.
  • LUMSA Accommodation Service is completely free. 

Library services

There are over 150,000 volumes, 410 current journals relating to social sciences, law, economics and politics, communication and education sciences, and 22 multidisciplinary databases. There's also a collection of psychological tests and a dedicated bioethics section.

Medical services

All students enrolled at the Lumsa University are covered by an accident insurance policy. The Insurance office deals with all issues related to insurance policies.

Student Life

Campus life

  • At the Piazza Adriana residence there are 17 double rooms and 6 single rooms. The building is air-conditioned and accommodates a total of 40. Each room has a network point and wifi will soon be available throughout the residence. There is a spacious communal area including TV room, music room, lounge and gym. 
  • The Piazza delle Vaschette residence has 11 rooms and accommodates a total of 25, with concierge service. All rooms have an ensuite shower room and air conditioning. There is also a large kitchen for the use of residents. On the third floor there is a large terrace with gazebo and tables and chairs for studying or relaxing. Wifi is available throughout the residence.

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