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The Centre for International Studies and Development is an ideal space for the development of research and interests in the field of international relations, security and global development issues, thanks to the qualified international and interdisciplinary academic staff, excellent experts and, above all, by rich student community.  

Top reasons to study here

  • The Jagiellonian University is the oldest and the best higher education institution in Poland and one of the oldest in Europe.
  • Kraków has been known as a leading academic centre in Poland since 14th century.
  • The Jagiellonian University trains highly qualified specialists in all kinds of scientific fields.

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The Jagiellonian University is the oldest higher education institution in Poland and one of the oldest in Europe. It was founded in 1364 by the Polish king Casimir the Great. It is also at the top of university rankings in Poland and Central Europe. 

Since its very beginning, the Jagiellonian University has been an international institution by creating extensive university networks. 


The Jagiellonian University offers programmes in English and in other foreign languages. 

The Centre for International Studies and Development offer International Security and Development programme, which has been a permanent initiative since 2018.  Previous editions of our programme attracted over 250 applications from more than 40 countries and all continents. At the present time, nearly 60 students participate in ISAD Programme at the Jagiellonian University.

Apart from the ISAD, that has been an on-going initiative, we have created an International Relations and Public Diplomacy programme together with the University of Siena with a generous support of the Polish Nationl Agency for Academic Exchange.  


Global Complex System preLAB

  • The main area of GCS preLAB research are complex political, economic and social systems, taking into account the importance of transformation determined by the digital revolution and digitization of international space in the 21st century. 
  • The main research areas include the analysis of the role of great powers and the transformation of the world order in the era of digitization using the tools of mathematical sciences (e.g. game theory, probability calculus, monetary statistics) and information science (graph theory, algorithmic game theory, data mining).  


The IR-PUB graduate will respond to the requirements of the labour market due to the acquired competences: formulating own opinions based on the empirical knowledge gained, analysing phenomena and processes related to the broadly understood international system, critical thinking about the analysed processes, adaptation in teamwork or taking over the role of a leader, functioning in an intercultural environment, negotiation and mediation skills. 

By the acquired knowledge and competences consistent with the learning outcomes, the graduate is able to undertake professional work in the area of specialist education, offering wide opportunities for further professional development. 


Student services

  • Centre for International Studies and Development Office 
  • Welcome JU Office
  • International Relations Office 

Housing services

Krakow is a wonderful place to study and housing is generally more affordable than in the United States or Western Europe. Student housing is generally inexpensive. 

A month's rent for a flat, including utility fees (electricity, gas, water etc.), will generally come to anywhere between U.S. $150 (110 EUR) to $500 (380 EUR) and for a room at a JU hall of residence you will pay around 360 PLN (about $100) a month. Please note that the tuition fee paid to the Jagiellonian University does not cover accommodation or board.

You might also want to rent a room or a private apartment. Krakow is a student city and offers many options for private accommodation.  

Library services

The main JU library—the Jagiellonian Library—is one of the biggest research libraries in Poland. 

As a JU student, you may not only access the reading rooms in this library, but also check out book from a good portion of the collection. 

Additionally, JU Institutes and Faculties also have their smaller libraries, whose collections are tailored to the areas in which they teach and carry out research.

ICT services

All students have access to The UJ_WiFi network. At the Jagiellonian University, there is a Student Zone which is a place of rest, meetings and events. A space for cooperation and exchange of ideas of young people. Open space for student organizations and active people. The whole has been adapted in unique walls, dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries.  

Medical services

Citizen of member states of the EU, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland who hold a valid European Health Insurance Card  can get free medical aid in surgeries and hospitals marked with a National Health Fund symbol.

Citizens of countries from outside the EU who are of Polish descent can apply to their university for a medical insurance coverage.   

Student Life

Campus life

Kraków's location is unique for several reasons. In addition to having all the benefits of a large city, including very well developed public transportation, easy access to hostels and student dormitories, and numerous shopping malls and restaurants, Kraków is also very close to the Tatra Mountains (with many ski resorts and trekking routes near Zakopane), beautiful national parks—Pieniny and Ojców, and Dunajec River Gorge, which offers some interesting rafting opportunities. 

Sports facilities

The University Sports Association is the biggest sports association in Poland, nationwide. It was first established at the Jagiellonian University, and it has been active ever since, for more than 100 years now. As a JU student, you may enroll into one of 40 sections (including football, basketball, volleyball, rowing, horseback, track and field, skiing, and many more) and become part of the JU representation at the national and European competitions. 

Student clubs

There are two student organizations at the Center for International Studies and Development that students can join:

  • Student Association of International Affairs and Development (SAIAD) is a self-formed, self-governed, autonomous -University Student Organization- that aims to promote international cooperation between the Polish and international communities at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków with the rest of the world.
  • The ISAD Panopticon is a student-run project, publishing a magazine featuring content created by students of the Jagiellonian University.  


It is accredited by the U.S. Department of Education and Medical Board of California.

Kraków, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland

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