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ISDI is the worldwide leader in digital education, helping professionals, entrepreneurs, enterprises and institutions to close the competitive gap to the digital era.

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Founded in 2009, ISDI is the world’s first digital business school. Since then, it’s grown into a world-class business school comprising of over 700 professors, who work as leading professionals in top ranking companies in the digital sector around the world, and current students benefit from a network of 12,000 alumni.


ISDI offers astounding career services, including a job board which advertises opportunities exclusively reserved for its alumni and unique startup accelerators. Students have gone on to work for industry-disruptors including Amazon, Facebook, Airbnb, Twitter, Accenture Interactive and KPMG Digital, to name a few.

68 % of alumni go on to work in digital professions once they’ve gained their master's degree and 24 % start their own internet business. 

ISDI's dynamic education model has proven success from its flagship schools in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain. The institute also has a location in Silicon Valley, the first in the US and another state of the art center in Mexico City.


  • Spanish Business Digitalization Barometer: A project from the ISDI Chair and the Universidad Complutense that monitors business digitalization.
  • ISDI Talks: Keynote presentations and talks by international digital experts.
  • Whitepapers, Studies and Observatories Covering Digitalization with which we support the development of digital knowledge.
  • Media - Podcasts, Articles, Optimismo Disgital Blog, IS DIGITAL Magazine, IS DIGITAL Blog, IS DIGITAL Publishing. 


Our specialized training for the digital environment, adapted to the continuous changes in the market, together with the experience and services of the Talent Team will help you to achieve your professional goals.

Is your company looking for professionals who add value so you can compete in the digital ecosystem? At ISDI we offer the Digital Talent you need. Some of the best companies, at national and international level, already rely on us.

Guidance and Support in Your Professional Career

We help define your profile and improve your positioning in the labour market.


Student services

Student testimonials

  • Tolga Oncu
" So, why did I choose to study at ISDI? The reasons are many, but one of the most important for me was knowing the fact that the world around us is changing, and is not only happening fast, it’s happening faster and it’s accelerating, it’s very important for big companies, such as IKEA, and organizations to understand what is our role and what are our responsibilities. It was a fantastic experience, very inspiring, very eye-opening, and there were a lot of elements that I had not considered or talked about before."

Student Life

Campus life

Our campuses are centres for training in entrepreneurship and networking. They are available for external events.

  • Madrid Campus
  • Barcelona Campus
  • Mexico DF
  • Silicon Valley

Student clubs

Student testimonials

  • Nina Knezevik
" I chose ISDI because a friend of mine recommended it to me. She was so impressed and so convincing that it was impossible to ignore her advice, and now I share the same opinion. Currently I’m enrolled in the third course at ISDI and every experience is unique. ISDI is a very innovative school. I studied in the US and Canada and I see a lot of similarities in approach and methodology. ISDI is very focused on the practical aspect, which is the most important thing in a digital education. Also, professors are professionals in the field and this really adds to the experience because they bring all that experience to class""

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