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Purchase College SUNY

We’re the eccentric cousin of the SUNY family. We’re the dreamers, the DIYers, the future of arts and culture, of the humanities and the sciences. We’re passionate about everything—from rigorous coursework to current events to the music lineup at Culture Shock. So “Think Wide Open” has come to mean a lot to us. You’re not constrained by a major, or a residence hall, or a background.


Founded by Governor Nelson Rockefeller in 1967 as the “cultural gem of the SUNY system,” Purchase College has long been fertile ground for artists, explorers, and intellectuals.

He envisioned a campus where conservatory training in the visual and performing arts would reside alongside programs in the liberal arts and sciences.


We combine rigorous coursework in the liberal arts and sciences with world-class conservatory programs in the visual and performing arts. 


Purchase College will be recognized nationally and internationally as the leading public institution to pair conservatory programs in the arts with liberal arts programs. We will continue to create opportunities for transformative learning and training in a community where disciplines connect, intersect, and enhance one another. 


What you now plan to do when you graduate, may change before you leave Purchase, not to mention over your lifetime. In studying the liberal arts, you’ll learn how to learn, so you’ll be prepared for whatever comes next.

We value study within the context of a liberal arts educational model.

That’s why we emphasize the skills you’ll need to succeed at any time, in any field:

  • using creativity to solve problems
  • collaborating across disciplines
  • thinking and analyzing critically
  • communicating clearly

We believe in listening with your head and your heart and contemplating how you play a role in making a positive impact on the community you live in and beyond.

Student services

We provide free, voluntary, and confidential mental healthcare services. We offer emergency response, individual and group counseling, outreach, consultation for all current students.

Housing services

Living on campus certainly makes life more convenient, but that’s only one of many reasons why more than two-thirds of our students choose to live on campus. You get the basics; living on campus means food and shelter. It also means making connections more easily, a sense of security, and instant access to facilities and resources (and free laundry). When you move into a residential space at Purchase, you join a community of dancers, scientists, musicians, poets, painters, writers, filmmakers, actors, and environmentalists.

Library services

The Library is open online! While the physical library remains closed  through Summer and Fall 2020 semesters, librarians and online resources are available. 

Medical services

We provide free, voluntary, and confidential mental healthcare services. We offer emergency response, individual and group counseling, outreach, consultation for all current students.

Our team of professional medical practitioners are on-site, ready to provide primary care, diagnoses, treatment, and education to all matriculated students.

Campus life

Our campus is located in the center of 500 acres of open fields and sprawling forests, about 30 miles (or a short train ride) north of New York City.

Sports facilities

Our NCAA Division III Panthers feature 17 intercollegiate teams that compete in the highly competitive Skyline Conference.

In addition, our extensive offerings, from P.E. courses to intramurals and recreation, provide students with quality leisure experiences on campus, as well as outdoor trips that provide the opportunities to explore.

So if you feel like going to a Yankee game, pitching a tent under the stars, a little Capoeira, Zumba, or Boot Camp, we’ve got you covered. Our expansive facilities include a fitness center, rock climbing wall, a swimming pool with diving well, two turf field complexes and much, much more!

Student clubs

On any given day, there are numerous events and activities for students to enjoy—performances, concerts, exhibitions, games, lectures, film screenings, and more. It’s actually a proven theory that the more you’re involved on campus, the more successful you will be. Trust us, it’s true and we’re here to prove it! 

What could be better than attending a free yoga class, catching a new documentary screening, cheering on the Panthers at a home game, and seeing a world-renowned composer… all on your day off! And the best part, most of these events are free for students and their guests!

Take a look around, see what catches your eye and get ready for an awesome college experience

Purchase College is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). NASAD is a specialized accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Rye Brook, New York, United States

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