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RSU was founded in 1909 – just two years after Oklahoma was granted statehood. The university was officially established as Eastern University Preparatory School in Claremore by the Oklahoma Legislature in its second session. 


RSU offers a variety of bachelor’s and associate degrees to assist students in achieving their academic goals. As well as a vibrant campus life with student organizations to foster development inside and outside of the classroom.


Rogers State University views strategic planning as an ongoing cyclical process designed to improve institutional effectiveness and align the university with its environment.

Strategic planning provides an opportunity to advance a learning culture that emphasizes and fosters the making of informed decisions in the short term about the best use of limited resources in order to position the institution to prosper and deliver maximum value to its many stakeholders in the future.


Rogers State University Career Services guides and inspires students and alumni to take charge of their personal and career development.

Career Services provides assessments that enables you to know the appropriate educational and career path, consulting that helps you explore majors and careers, assistance with securing internships to gain experience, and support as you transition to that next step.


Student services

Rogers State University is committed to providing University-wide student services, activities, resources and more that support the academic mission of the University.

This includes supporting and strengthening student, faculty and administrative structures that promote shared governance of the school as a whole.

These departments support the mission of the school through their work and service to the students and departments of the University.

Housing services

These aren’t the cinder block dorm rooms your parents, or even your older siblings, remember. RSU Student Housing offers full-time Hillcats a place to live and study in comfort, while staying close to vibrant academic and social activities that make the college experience memorable.

Library services

It doesn’t matter where you are – our distance library services are here to help you succeed!

Whether you are looking for a book, an article, a government document or an online resource, we have services that will help you find what you need.

ICT services

While some computing resources may be dedicated to specific research, teaching, or administrative tasks that would limit their use, freedom of expression must, in general, be protected. The University does not limit access to information due to its content when it meets the standard of legality. The University's policy of freedom of expression applies to computing resources.

Medical services

The Student Health Center at Rogers State University provides acute health care to students, faculty and staff of Rogers State University. 

Student Life

Campus life

Living in a student community enhances the learning process and better prepares the individual for the real world. Just as important, living in the RSU Student Apartments is fun. The heart of the action, the closeness of your peers, and the privacy of your living quarters are just some of the many reasons that this is the best place to get the most out of your college experience.

Sports facilities

The mission of Rogers State University athletics is to provide quality athletic opportunities for its student-athletes, to take responsibility for their academic success and personal growth, and to engage and enhance our campus and community through competition, service, and positive representation.

Student clubs

  • Active Minds
  •  Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority (AΣA)
  •  Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority (ΑΣΤ)
  •  AMPs, VOLTS & Currents (Pryor Campus)
  •  Bass Fishing Team
  •  Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM)
  •  Campus Activities Team (CAT)
  •  Channel 42
  •  Chi Alpha (XA) 
  •  College Democrats
  •  College Republicans
  •  Consoles and PCs (CAPS)
  •  Criminal Justice Society (CJS) 
  •  ECOclubRSU
  •  Guard Officer Leadership Development (GOLD)
  •  Kappa Phi
  •  Student Art Association (SAA)
  •  Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)
  •  Student Broadcasting Association (SBA)
  •  Student Government Association (SGA)
  •  Student Nurses Association (SNA)
  •  Student Theatre Organization (STO)
  •  Student Veterans Association (SVA)
  •  Student Writing Organization (SWO)


Rogers State University is a member of and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Accreditation is a comprehensive review by a private, nongovernmental organization specifically created to review higher education institutions and programs for quality.

Claremore, Oklahoma, United States

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