Agribusiness Academy

Agribusiness Academy is an online provider of higher and executive education in the food and agribusiness sector. We bring together the top experts and thought leaders in the world to deliver practical, up-to-date courses that enable learners to find and progress their careers. Whether you are a new professional to the industry or an experienced manager, you will find courses to help your career. 

Top reasons to study here

  • World-class industry experts providing up-to-date knowledge.
  • Every course delivered online and at your pace.
  • A global network of learners, experts and business brought together in our forums.



Agribusiness Academy has been providing food and agribusiness courses to professionals and students for over 7 years, building an unrivalled collection of expert-led courses. In 2017, we created the first ever online-only Mini MBA course for the sector and more innovative ways to participate in higher education will follow in 2018. 


All Agribusiness Academy courses are delivered online and at the pace of the learner. You can also learn on any internet-enabled device.

Our courses are practical, action-based and modular, designed to enable learners to apply skills and knowledge immediately in their career. We work across the entire sector and with a wide variety of course types, from seminar and webinars through to podcasts, eBooks and interactive on-demand sessions.

Our headline programs include the Industry Readiness Program, a six month program designed to help graduates find their first job in the sector; and our Mini-MBA in Sustainable Food Supply Chains, which is unique higher education program aimed professionals.


Agribusiness Academy courses are designed by industry experts, putting careers at the heart of all our programs. We have a growing network of partner businesses and organizations within the sector who have taken an interest in talking to gradates of our programs, and recognizing the industry-ready skills  that they possess.

Whilst all courses are designed with careers in mind, programs such as our Industry Readiness Program is specifically designed to get learners into a job, and provides mentoring and assistance in finding a career alongside our innovative online learning platform.


Student services

Agribusiness Academy have a dedicated team who provide around-the-clock support to learners on our courses, supported by peer learning accesses through our forums.

Housing services

Agribusiness Academy is an online educator – you can learn anywhere, any time and on any device.


Some of our online programs, including the Mini-MBA in Sustainable Food Supply Chains is accredited by Business School Netherlands, an ATHEA institution.

Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

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