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ThinkSpace Education

ThinkSpace Education is an online school that brings professional working composers, orchestrators and sound designers together with students, looking to enter the film, games and TV music industries.



Founded in 1996



  • To provide an exceptional professional education in the fields of film, television and video games music composition, orchestration and sound design. 
  • To make academic contributions that will enable greater understanding and appreciation of the role that music and sound plays in the film, games and television. 
  • To develop new ways of delivering exceptional higher education in an online environment. 
  • Assessment: The Assessment Office arranges the dates, times and locations of examinations during the main assessment periods at the end of each semester and at other agreed times. This information will be publicised to students via Moodle.


ICT services

There is a minimum technical requirement to be able to complete the course. While we are not dogmatic about choose of software, there are sometimes features which will be required of which the potential student may not be aware. An example is support for a wide range of timecode standards including 23.98fps, frequently required I the industry and not always supported on all software platforms.

Horsham, England, United Kingdom

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