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Founded in 1992 «KROK» University is the best private HEI in Ukraine (since 2012 according to Consolidated ranking of Ukrainian universities, TOP-200 Ukraine (2015 – 2018, 2020), FOCUS TOP-50 — the estimates of the employers (2017).


  • «KROK» University is a large educational corporation, all departments of which are working for a common goal. Providing of high-quality education, opportunities for professional, personal and creative development not only for students, but also other members of the «KROK» family is the key to the success of the institution. 
  • Students majoring in any subject can find programs that will benefit them and be helpful in their studying. Specific software is designed to fulfill all the needs of students majoring in Law, Economics, International Relations, Marketing, Finance, Banking and others. There are also computerized labs for conducting social and marketing research.


Scientific activity is an intellectual creative activity aimed at obtaining and using of new knowledge. Its main forms are basic and applied scientific research (the Law of Ukraine «On scientific and scientific and technical activity»).

As it is known, scientific work along with educational and training processes are an integral part of any educational institution. At the University the scientific work is carried out since the early days of its creation.


Career Development Center (CDC) is a department of «KROK» University which helps students to prepare themselves for future careers and facilitates their employment.

CDC mission - we help young professionals to find a decent job and for companies – to find promising and talented employees.


Student services

Student Council of «KROK» University influences the change in living conditions in the hostel, helps in the creative and scientific activities, is involved in matters of international exchange, participates in the academic councils, expresses the students’ opinion, which the administration takes into account.

Housing services

  • The dormitory of «KROK» University is provided for living for the period of instruction of nonresident students, applicants, PhD and Doctoral students, as well as orphans and children deprived of parental care, in case of not having a different place of accommodation.
  • The dormitory is situated near the University in the park area at 6A Parkova-Syretska Street. It is situated in the area with a well-developed infrastructure.

Library services

All students and staff have free access to Internet in 12 computer labs equipped with up-to-date software and in the library.

ICT services

The overall amount of computers is about 500 including those installed in the library reading room. This amount of personal computer stations provides students with assistance in research work, writing term papers, thesis etc.

Medical services

Medical Services

  • provision of first aid and emergency care;

  • advices on health issues;
  • referrals for counseling and preventive medical examination at the clinic.

Student Life

Campus life

  • Students and staff are provided with meal services at the University cafeteria that can hold up to 120 visitors and offers various meals from soups and salads to snacks and beverages. Taking into account the academic schedule shifts the cafeteria is open from 9 AM till 6 PM meeting students’ and faculty members’ needs in all-day food service.  
  • Foreign students studying at the University are placed in the hall of residence in accordance with general practices, unless the other is not provided by agreements or other normative legal acts.

Sports facilities

  • The University provides students with all the necessary facilities for individual physical training in 3 gyms equipped with modern training machines, sports equipment and playgrounds. 
  • It offers students a wide variety of healthy activities at all ability levels as well as opens opportunities for active competition, fitness conditioning, skill building, stress release, leadership development and peer socialization; provides students, faculty, and staff with programs that offer competitive, non-competitive, health promoting, and physical activity conducive to their personal development and overall wellness within safe facilities and fun-filled environments.

Student clubs

  • Cultural Centre is a platform for the development of talented and creative students and «KROK» staff.
  • It is a place where creative ideas that are then embodied in corporate and traditional festivals are created (International Students' Day, Halloween, Valentine's Day, University Birthday, March 8, May 9, etc.).
  • The centre also conducts performances for children of employees, students and partner schools, as well as for children with special needs.
  • As part of the Cultural Centre there are three successful art studio: Dance Theatre «KROK» Theater studio «Crocodile», vocal studio «KROK».

Kiev, Misto Kyyiv, Ukraine

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