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Carlos Albizu University

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Albizu University educates professionals in behavioral sciences, speech pathology and other disciplines, committed to research, to improve quality of life, and to serve diverse communities. To be an international leader in academic innovation, research, and community service, promoting diversity to generate a transformative social impact.


  • The origin of Albizu University dates back to 1966, when the Puerto Rico Institute of Psychology (Instituto Psicológico de Puerto Rico) was founded with the specific objective of offering a master’s program in clinical psychology.
  • Today, the university is an educational institution whose accredited study and research programs are founded, both in theory and in practice, on the multicultural heritages of Puerto Rico (at our university in Puerto Rico) and South Florida (at our university in Miami.)


  • Our courses are taught by professors who are both academics and active professionals. Faculty members bring their working expertise on theories, research, and practice to the classroom.
  • We know our students by name and understand their needs and interests. Our faculty members are mentors who will help you pursue your career goals and inspire you to become actively engaged in classroom discussions and activities.


  • Created in 2013, its purpose is to investigate, develop, and disseminate knowledge as an integral part of our university.
  • The CIIC has the support of a group of students who, together with faculty members, contribute the necessary tools for the development of scientific research.
  • Our facilities have more than ten computers programmed to analyze research data. For this purpose, we use software such as SPSS, NVivo, STATA, and Remark.
  • These facilities are available to all AU students and faculty members conducting scientific research.

Library services

  • Welcome to the Albizu University libraries: the Dr. Carlos Albizu-Miranda Library, Dr. Carlos Albizu-Miranda; the Albizu Library (Miami Campus); and the Mayagüez University Center Library (Mayagüez University Center).
  • As a student at our university, you will find your campus library to be a welcoming place, staffed by experts who are committed to helping you achieve your academic goals.

Medical services

  • The Goodman Psychological Services Center (which only offers services in Miami) and the Albizu Clinic (which offers services in San Juan and Mayagüez) provide development assessments, psychological therapy, language and speech pathology assessments, and therapy for children, adults, and older adults. 

Campus life

  • The students, our community, and an atmosphere of good fellowship are at the heart of our Mayagüez University Center. Located in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, its new facilities include 24-hour security, ample classrooms, a modern computer lab, and sufficient parking space.
  • Albizu University’s (AU) San Juan Campus, facilities have modern classrooms, a community clinic focused on mental health and speech and language pathology services, a library, a scientific research center, and a modern computer lab.

Doral, Florida, United States

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