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Swiss Management Center

Swiss Management Center is a global online business school offering college degrees via distance learning to students world-wide. We build the foundation and continuance of great careers. While providing best service quality by Swiss standards, SMC is affordable. More so, our innovation leadership allows you to study significantly faster while paying less.


Est. 1985 - Experience & Quality with a Global Impact


The core of our student body, which consists of high achievers from currently more than 130 different countries worldwide, has an advanced professional standing and typically resides at the very top of internationally renowned organizations and businesses. This circumstance creates an unsurpassed added value to SMC’s students insofar, as they benefit from sharing extensive experience, knowledge, and best practices – a true competitive advantage.


You receive an unsurpassed service, strong professional networks, true career opportunities and remain flexible in place & time.

SMC is accredited by the Council on International Higher Education Supervision - member of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education.

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