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The IIE qualifications which include Higher Certificates, Diplomas, Bachelor Degrees, a Postgraduate Diploma and BCom Honours Degree, provide a higher education framework for our students to follow. This framework maps a student’s journey in the world of business out, regardless of what the students’ current level of knowledge, academic background and future aspirations may be.


The IIE’s Varsity College has a strong vocational focus that prepares students for their careers.

The IIE’s Varsity College Career Centre, in partnership with industry, serves to support our students with all aspects relating to their career development and growth through coaching, mentoring and engagement. This will enable them to leave the tertiary environment as competent graduates who should thrive in industry and hopefully become active members of our VC Alumni Community.


Student services

Each IIE Varsity College campus contains an Information Centre that has been set up to provide innovative information services and conducive learning spaces for our students and staff. See what Services we offer here.

Each Varsity College Information Centre is designed to be a vibrant, inviting environment for collaboration, networking, private study and reflection. We offer a full set of Information Resources to support your studies.

Housing services

The IIE’s Varsity College and DigsConnect have announced an exciting and strategic partnership aimed at alleviating student accommodation challenges.

This collaboration will provide students with an online platform where they will be able to access varying types of safe accommodation options within an 8-kilometre radius of all eight of The IIE’s Varsity College campuses.

Student Life

Campus life

A vibrant social life is a crucial part of a full and balanced student experience. While some may view the social aspect as little more than a distraction from the business of studying, at Varsity College we believe that time spent with friends and fellow students outside the lecture room is integral to your development as a well-rounded young adult. For many students it’s their first opportunity to experience life as an adult, making their own choices in terms of how they live their lives responsibly and how they balance work and play. Social interaction is about more than just having fun.

Sports facilities

As part of Varsity College’s commitment to offering our students a more holistic educational experience, we provide a wide assortment of sporting activities. Get out there, get active, enjoy instruction from experts and take advantage of supplied equipment. Campuses are equipped with extra boats, bikes and boards for beginners to learn on, and in certain instances, travel assistance is offered for extra convenience (e,g. between the Durban North campus and beach for Learning to Surf classes).


Varsity College is a brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE) which is registered with the DHET as a private Higher Education Institution, so you will find the registration details in the Register of Private Providers of Higher Education under The IIE. 

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

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