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Alma Mater Europaea is an international university initiated by the European Academy of Sciences and Arts in Salzburg, Austria. It unites 2,000 top scientists, including 34 Nobel Prize winners. Over 2,000 students from 30+ countries study at doctoral, master, and bachelor programs in management, artificial intelligence, sustainable development, humanities, gerontology and health-related programs. 


Since the early 2000s, the European Academy of Sciences and Arts has been planning the establishment of the university. In 2010, Alma Mater Europaea was officially established, with Prof. dr. Felix Unger as its first president, while the German political scientist prof. dr. Werner Weidenfeld became the first rector, and the Slovenian lawyer and diplomat prof. dr. Ludvik Toplak the first prorector.


Alma Mater Europaea is an international university initiated by the European Academy of Sciences and Arts in Salzburg, Austria. The Academy unites about 2000 top scientists, including 34 Nobel Prize winners. Over 2000 students from 30+ countries study at Alma Mater’s doctoral, master, and bachelor programmes.

AMEU has fostered strong development of education in business and technology programs, particularly with regard to creative leadership, projects, and applied artificial intelligence. These programs enhance the competencies required to address the most complex challenges, thus creating simultaneous advantages for both students and employers alike.


Alma Mater Europaea’s responsibility is to create new and innovative zones of knowledge. We regularly participate in international projects, which unite scientists and the public through discussion of essential topics.We are bound to our commitment of harmonizing all aspects and levels of learning. From sciences to arts, our programs are designed to be interactive, so that different forms of knowledge can come together. 


The excellent qualifications and training that you’ll receive at Alma Mater Europaea are only part of what you’ll need to attract employers in today’s market.

Our Career Center focuses on meeting the needs of students and alumni and helping recruiters identify talent. We are actively engaged in employer outreach, providing students with a wide variety of internship opportunities.

Career Services supports student career advancement through:

  • counseling and mentoring
  • career workshops
  • excursions to organizations where students have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with real-world working environments
  • procurement of internships and job opportunities

Housing services

Alma Mater Europaea does not own acommodation facilities, however, cooperates with the University of Maribor which to offers a variety of accommodation opportunities, mixing foreign and domestic alike.

You can apply for housing in dormitories, or you can choose a private accommodation. 

Library services

The collection of the academic library comprises of about 7000 monographs, most of which are not in Slovenian language, about 150 titles of serial publications and about 150 dissertations. The collection is in open access, arranged by the UDC system (universal decimal classification). Part of our collection are also analogue recordings of lectures by some of our distinguished guest lecturers.

ICT services

Alma Mater Europaea provides IT support, avaliable for students, lecturers and staff. There are computers and internet access avaliable at every location.

We conduct hybrid learning and growth models that both accelerate and enhance the learning outcomes in all fields. We also offer distance learning, using student platform and other digital tools. All our lectures are recorded, so you can be part of the learning environment whenever your busy life allows.

Campus life

Alma Mater Europaea is not a campus university. Our departments and other constituent units are to be found on different locations in Europe.

All premises are located in city centres and easily accessbile. 

Sports facilities

At Alma Mater Europaea organizes and participates in different sporting events and games. “Team AMEU” successfully competes in football, volleyball and basketball. 

Student clubs

  •  The student Council is a students' representative body and it is elected by students. It helps share students' ideas, interests and concerns.
  • Student Union creates a community of Alma Mater Europaea. By joining the Union, you can discover and nurture life-long relationships and colleagues, create friendships between students and potential business partners by events such as socials, picnics, sport, galas and cocktail parties. 
  • Student tutos are senior students, who have studied in the same field and have been trained for tutoring. With a tutor, new students get to know their field and faculty, as well as getting better acquainted with the campus and our establishment in general. 
  • Humanitarian projects

All Alma Mater Europaea undergraduate and graduate programs are fully accredited by NAKVIS, the Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education.

Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia

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