Jaume I University

The UJI is a public institution of higher education oriented to innovation as a way to develop socially, culturally and economically its environment, through the creation and critical transmission of knowledge, the promotion of the potential of its human capital and an orientation proactive both towards its sphere of influence and towards its international presence.



The educational model of the UJI is based on ten principles: Integral development of students, promotion of ethics and social responsibility, commitment to development and social and territorial cohesion, cultivation of the research vocation, promotion of the internationalization, commitment to one’s own language and multilingualism, encouragement of the use of ICTs, continuous improvement of quality, promotion of employability and an intelligent entrepreneurial spirit, promotion of training throughout the life.


Student services

We are a proactive public university with a firm focus on innovation in the international sphere. Around 10% of our postgraduate students come from abroad, and in the last academic year we welcomed more than 600 foreign students on exchange programmes. We have academic links with more than 300 universities across the world, former students and ambassadors in more than 60 countries and an ambitious internationalisation plan for the next years.

Housing services

This is a public on-line database designed to help members of the University community find accommodation. Run by InfoCampus, it serves as a meeting point for potential tenants and owners, who can use this service to advertise property they are willing to rent. The accommodation conditions and the rent contract must be agreed upon by the owner and the tenant.

The Universitat Jaume I cannot be held responsible for the state of the premises or the behaviour of the tenant. Under no circumstances whatsoever will the UJI respond to any complaints related to these matters.

Student Life

Campus life

The Universitat Jaume I offers all its state-regulated instruction on its attractive modern campus, which was designed as a single unit in order to encourage close relationships among the members of its community.

The campus, covering 756,666 m2, has four faculties and many research and management buildings sited around a central 13,000 m2-garden, called ‘El Jardí dels Sentits’ (The Garden of the Senses).

It is a green, sustainable campus that promotes the use of renewable energies, with recycling points facilitating the recovery of materials.

Castelló de la Plana, Valencia, Spain

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