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Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

SGH Warsaw School of Economics is the oldest university of economics in Poland. Its mission has continuously been educating economists and business leaders serving the nation, country and the region. SGH is famous for its tradition, flexible adjustments of programmes to students’ needs, unquestionable education level, and successful alumni.


SGH Warsaw School of Economics was founded in 1906 by August Zieliński as Poland’s first university of economics.


  • Bachelor Studies
  • Master Studies
  • Doctoral Studies
  • Post-Graduate Studies
  • MBA Studies
  • Academy of Young Economist
  • Children’s University of Economics
  • Preparatory Courses in Economics
  • Language courses
  • Professional trainings
  • E-learning
  • University of Third Age


SGH Warsaw School of Economics conducts research in various areas of economics, finance, management and business administration as well as in public policy and political science. Our researchers lead the rankings of internationally recognized academics from Poland, e.g. in RePEc repository.


We are psychologists whose task is to advice students and alumni on selecting the right direction of development, further education and profession. We carry out various forms of counselling: we help to plan career paths, define plans and goals, support in learning your strong points, personal skills as well as indicate the areas requiring improvement and development.

Housing services

Moving away from home to study abroad is an exciting period of time in student's life. Meeting new friends, exploring and discovering new places, adapting to new cultures and customs are all the new realties you will experience being an international student at SGH.The decision about how much of this multicultural adventure will be part of your stay in Warsaw is choosing the appropriate accommodation.On – campus housing means immersing directly into Polish culture and Warsaw student life while private accommodation gives a possibility of exploring it more independently and bit by bit.

Library services

SGH Library – the biggest library resources in the field of economics in Poland. It contains over one milion volumes including over 215 thousand magazines. The SGH Library provides access  to about one thousand Polish and foreign magazines, while additional 30 thousand are available in computer databases.

Campus life

Few people know that the large campus of the Warsaw School ofEconomics, located between Batorego and Rakowiecka Streetsand the Niepodległości Avenue, is a historical facility – an exam-ple of the original Polish architectural concept of the interwarperiod.The building complex at Niepodległości Av. was constructed forthe purposes of the school, and, as a result of constant improve-ments, it has always been a perfect centre of academic life. Thereis no doubt that the shape of the library, the building A and themain edifice with the so called “parachute lecture theatre” havea positive influence on the character of studies and work at SGH.

Sports facilities

There are two gyms, a fitness room, a swimming pool and a sauna available for students on the SGH campus. If you wish, you may sign up for either Physical Education (PE) class or varsity team activities, neither of which is compulsory. PE classes include: futsal, basketball, vol­leyball, callanetics, pilates, aerobics, swim­ming, sailing, boxing, tennis or ballroom dancing. 45 minute lessons are held once a week. Varsity team activities offered at SGH are: kara­te, skiing, aerobics, rock climbing, ten­nis, table tennis, track and field sports, sailing, football, swimming, volleyball and basketball.

Student clubs

There are various student scientific societies (alphabetical order):Coaching Scientific Society• at the Institute of International Marketing and Management• Mentor: Joanna Żukowska, Ph.D.Competitiveness Scientific Society• at the Institute of Foreign Trade and European Studies• Mentor: Professor Tomasz DołęgowskiEastern Relations Scientific Society• at the Institute of World Economy• Mentor: Krzysztof Falkowski, Ph.D.Energy Scientific Society• at the Institute of Foreign Trade and European Studies• Mentor: Professor Grażyna Wojtkowska-ŁodejEuropean Cooperation Scientific Society• at the Institute of World Economy• Mentor: Paweł Lesiak, Ph.D.

Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) was granted national and international accreditations, such as:

  • PKA
  • ACCA

Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland

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