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The university opened with a mass held at Basel Minster on 4 April 1460. It has undergone dynamic development ever since its inception. During the first year following its founding, the University Register in Basel listed 226 students and lecturers. Today, the seven faculties at the University of Basel have around 13,000 students and over 350 professors.


The University professes the principle of achievement on all levels and places quality above quantity. It has the flexible structure necessary for achieving this and provides the requirements for developing creativity and idealism, thereby ensuring superior achievements that do not go unrewarded.


The University of Basel is an international research university with strong roots in one of the world's most productive and innovative economic regions. Several renowned research institutions and international companies with which the university maintains strong partnerships are located in the immediate vicinity.


The University of Basel’s part-time Advanced Studies programs for professionals are suitable for people with a university degree or equivalent qualification, who are currently in work and seeking new opportunities.

Student services

An efficiently functioning administration allows the academic units to focus on their areas of expertise. The administration offers professional services to make an important contribution to providing an attractive environment for studying, teaching and research at the University of Basel.

Housing services

At larger conferences the overnight accommodation of participants generates, after travel, the most carbon emissions. On the other hand, local Basel hospitality businesses profit from these visitors.

Library services

Basel University Library (UB) houses more than eight million print and handwritten manuscripts, maps and diagrams, pictorial documents and other media. In terms of its inventory, it is one of the largest libraries in Switzerland.

ICT services

Today, the University Library and the Computing Center exist alongside one another, but in future it will be about just one thing: IVIT – Information Supply & Information Technology. The aim of IVIT is to provide teachers, researchers and the administration with the infrastructure required to perform their duties within the university.

Medical services

Personalized Health Basel (PHB) aims to develop and promote Personalized Health for the benefit of patients, research and society.

Campus life

Various activities integrate sustainability as an interdisciplinary topic into all areas of the University of Basel. Alongside making it a topic in teaching and research, it is committed to sustainable action in campus life and makes every effort to constantly improve its own operations.

Sports facilities

From finding your inner balance through yoga, strong kicks in boot camp, to undergoing wildly romantic sea kayaking adventures and polishing your soccer skills, University Sports offers you a program of over 100 sports, movement and body awareness activities.

Student clubs

The student body of the University of Basel (Skuba) officially represents the interests of students at the University of Basel. Skuba aims to ensure that the interests and opinions of the students are taken into account by university bodies.

If its recognition is stated in an agreement, a contract or a binding arrangement with the Swiss Confederation or the University of Basel

Basel, Basel-City, Switzerland

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