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Discover innovative undergraduate and graduate programmes in social work, health and early education. Find out how we create an inspiring environment for our students and for our academic and non-academic staff from around the globe.


The history of the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences is closely tied to the development of modern social work and social reforms. The institution’s roots can be traced back to the 19th century, when systematic training for social work was first established in Germany in the form of one-year courses.


The courses of study convey professional and social competence that qualify students for a successful career, promote political involvement and encourage personal growth. The professional qualifications of the lecturers and their didactic and communication skills are a key criterion for the quality of teaching. The classes and the curricula are regularly evaluated to assure the quality of the courses. Good teaching also necessitates high-quality study and teaching conditions, which are ensured by continuously improving the infrastructure and the service offerings.


Research is an integral part of the development of the University. The University of Applied Sciences Berlin promotes research activities of lecturers and research associates and supports the raising of third-party funds for research projects and international research cooperations. Students are involved in research projects and qualified to conduct independent research (up to doctoral level). The University of Applied Sciences Berlin is in continuous and productive dialogue with professional practice and thus ensures the application focus and practical relevance of its research activities. At the same time it contributes to the innovative development of professional practice.


Offering a range of services for the transition from studying to employment and other (academic) career pathways, the Career Service has been supporting students at ASH Berlin for over 12 years. 

As the ASH Berlin job platform has been very actively used by employers and students, a new Career Centre recruiting portal with a significantly extended range of functions has recently been introduced.

Student services

The Student Service Centre consists of different work groups and offices and is closely interlinked with the management of the study programmes.

The contact persons for each work group will support you throughout your studies at ASH Berlin – from enrolment to organising your studies through to your final examinations and after graduation. They will provide you with guidance, support, information and advice.

Housing services

As a student at ASH Berlin, you can apply for university-affiliated housing (a student dorm) or search for private accommodation. Both options have their pros and cons and it is up to you and your wishes and needs whether you should opt for one or the other. The student dorms tend to be less expensive, but private accommodation offers a more diverse range of locations in Berlin.

Library services

The ASH Berlin library is an interdisciplinary specialist library. It primarily serves as the academic library for studies, teaching, research and further education at ASH Berlin. It is also available to members of other higher education institutions in Berlin and Brandenburg as well as to interested professionals.

ICT services

The Computer Centre of ASH Berlin develops and supervises the university’s information and communication network. It provides all members of the university – students, lecturers, employees and guests – with all the IT facilities they need for their daily work in studies, teaching, research, further education and administration. 

Sports facilities

Every semester there is a comprehensive programme of movement and relaxation activities for all members of ASH Berlin.

Student clubs

The Grenzen_weg student initiative supports refugees at an accommodation centre in Marzahn by carrying out the following activities:

  • Help with homework
  • Specific support for children
  • Accompanying young people to activities offered by cooperation partners in the city district
  • Accompanying women to sports activities offered by cooperation partners in the city district
  • Climbing and bouldering for men (climbing for women is planned)
  • Open discussion rounds and film evenings
  • Internship guidance for refugees
  • Catering for refugees
  • Accommodation advice for refugees
  • German courses

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

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