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Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations

The Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations is a small, exclusive university institute in the very heart of international diplomacy: Geneva, Switzerland. Attracting students from all over the world, GSD is committed to offering the highest level of education to a small number of qualified students. 


The Geneva School of Diplomacy & International Relations was founded by Dr Murphy, an experienced diplomat, in 2003. GSD opened its doors with, in the first year, eleven Master’s degree students. At the beginning of Year 4 GSD had already educated some 134 students. Numbers have increased each academic year. Some six of GSD’s doctorate students are serving ambassadors to the United Nations.


We aim at making the academic journey towards graduation a learning experience of exceptional stimulation, elegance and unforgettable intellectual and social encounters. Our focus is to offer our students the full panoply of abilities needed by professionals in the fields of government, politics, law, economics, journalism, international business and humanitarian work.

All our courses are taught in English by our highly distinguished faculty – renowned professors, ambassadors, statesmen and stateswomen, business people, humanitarians, journalists, theologians, lawyers – selected for educating skills and humanitarian commitment alike.


Our research activity is guided by a focus on key themes: International Relations, Global Development and Security; Conflict and Climate Change; Culture, Politics, and Society.

All researchers across the School identify with one or more of the themes. This enables collective identification over themes within the School and aims to generate further collaboration and interdisciplinary in our research activities. In addition, the themes provide a basis for internal and external recognition of the main questions and topics that our research addresses.


The GSD Internship Programme helps GSD students of the Bachelor and Master level have the opportunity to do internships as part of their curriculum in International Relations. This is an ideal way for students to gain practical experience and apply theoretical knowledge to real world issues. Enrolled students can view the current vacancies on the GSD Intranet.

Student services

The Student Support Programme is a confidential and learning based programme that incorporates a holistic approach to a student’s needs. Led by a professional and qualified counselor, the services provided by the Programme include but are not limited to:

  • Academic Conduct Guidance
  • Career Service and Guidance
  • Personal Support Sessions
  • Learning Support Sessions

Housing services

Finding a house in Geneva is not always easy. The situation is complicated not only because Geneva is a rather expensive city,  but also because there is a serious shortage of rooms. The standard price for renting or subletting a room ranges from 800 to 1500 CHF per month depending on location, time of year, and luck.  We do, however, try to assist our incoming students in the best possible way in finding external housing and to ensure they will enjoy living in Geneva. 

Library services

The UNOG Library functions as:

  • Knowledge provider – The Library provides a solid foundation for in-depth and comprehensive research in all areas of the United Nations’ work;
  • Memory keeper – The Library ensures that the institutional memory of the Organization remains accessible to future generations;
  • Dialogue facilitator – The Library works for a better understanding between people.

Medical services

Swiss healthcare is outstanding. Its combined public, subsidized private and totally private healthcare system create an extensive network of highly qualified doctors (many of them from elsewhere in the EU) and hospitals, the best equipped medical facilities and no waiting lists, but it all comes at a price: around 10 % of the average Swiss salary goes towards health insurance premiums.

Campus life

Geneva School of Diplomacy is set in the Domaine de Penthes at Pregny-Geneva, a very beautiful campus in the heart of the most diplomatic neighbourhood on the planet. That neighbourhood is home to more than 190 international organisations - governmental and non-governmental. GSD students are regular visitors to one or another of these organisations. And every GSD student carries a card and pass to the next-door United Nations Library - one of the great libraries of the world in the field of international relations and law.

Student clubs

Geneva is home to 160 international organizations of both a governmental and non-governmental nature. Conferences, roundtables, high-level discussions, and events take place on a daily basis all around this diplomatic neighbourhood. One can meet people from all types of international backgrounds and one can walk down the street and hear at least four different languages spoken in a one block radius. Geneva's strategic location allows one to easily travel around Europe, but most importantly build a network of connections within the international relations field that could not be found anywhere else in the world.

  • Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations is recognized for its high quality of education by several organisations and associations
  • Since the beginning, GSD has been authorized by the Canton of Geneva Geneva Canton Flag as a private university for Diplomacy and International Relations.

Genève, Genève, Switzerland

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