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International School of Management (ISM)

Multiple locations
Anyone who has decided on a course of study is faced with the question: Which university is right for me? The most important criteria for first-year students, such as a semester abroad, the quality of teaching, career opportunities, partner universities or networking, shape your development and are therefore an integral part of ISM.


  • The campus of the private university in Dortmund was founded in 1990 and, with around 930 students, is the largest of the ISM’s locations. 
  • It is located in the middle of the technology park only 15 minutes from the city center.


  • The Bachelor's program is distinguished by its international orientation and the mix of basic business knowledge and course-specific content. 
  • All courses contain up to two foreign languages, integrated internships and soft skills. Small learning groups and a personal atmosphere are typical for studying at ISM.
  • The Master's program combines in-depth business knowledge with course-specific content as well as the latest topics and trends in the different branches. 
  • All courses have a strong international focus. Integrated practical phases, the teaching of soft skills and a personal atmosphere round off the studies at ISM.


  • Besides its teaching activities, ISM conducts research and development projects in various academic areas.
  • Furthermore, high-quality, practically-relevant and comprehensive teaching are based on theoretical ideas complemented with knowledge gained from application-oriented research. 
  • Participation in research projects additionally teaches and encourages students to use their theoretical knowledge in a practical way. 
  • After graduating, they are faster at organizing tasks independently and efficiently than graduates from other universities. ISM academics, ISM students and ISM partners all profit from the scientific discourse.


  • The Career Center is your central service center for your application, career entry and perspectives, as well as the set-up of your own network. It’s the interface between students, alumni and companies.

Student services

  • The International Office helps ISM students to arrange their stay abroad and looks after them while they are away. 
  • The office team assists students in finding the most appropriate partner university and they are always there to help students who are currently studying abroad.

Library services

  • Students looking for a quiet working environment can use the library's reading room and study areas. 
  • The Dortmund Campus also offers a magazine reading room and a group study area. Each library is stocked with a wide range of business literature as well as the latest study and research findings.

Campus life

  • Dortmund Campus
  • Frankfurt Campus
  • Munich Campus
  • Hamburg Campus
  • Berlin Campus
  • Stuttgart Campus
  • Cologne Campus

  • ISM International School of Management is a private university of applied sciences that has been awarded unlimited state recognition by the Ministry of Innovation, Higher Education and Research of North Rhine-Westphalia. 
  • Therefore, the study degrees awarded through ISM are equivalent to study degrees of public universities.

Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

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