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Novia University of Applied Sciences

Multiple locations
Novia University of Applied Sciences acts along the Swedish-speaking parts of the Finnish coastline. We offer multidisciplinary higher education with a practical orientation at both bachelor’s and master’s levels. Novia offers three Bachelor’s and seven Master’s degree programmes conducted in English in the fields of Business Administration, Health Care, Natural Resources and others. 


Novia University of Applied Sciences was formed on August 1, 2008, by the merging of the Sydväst Polytechnic and the Swedish Polytechnic, Finland. Novia UAS is the largest Swedish-speaking UAS in Finland with about 4000 students and has five campuses in Vaasa, Turku, Raasepori and Pietarsaari.


The Research and Development, R&D, at Novia support a genuine joint effort between the UAS and the regional businesses and industries. Our aim is to offer a qualitative higher education adapted to the globalized working life and further education tailored to customer needs.

At Novia research is conducted within the following focus areas: Sustainable Energy Technology, Health and Welfare, Maritime Simulation, Bioeconomy and Culture and Entrepreneurship. Our activities include research and development projects, services, investigations and consultant tasks. The research projects include national and international collaboration projects with other universities.


We aim for our students to be attractive on the labour market and that our high level of employment among graduates is maintained. This is achieved by providing education that

  •           is anchored in working life
  •           integrates research, development and innovation
  •           fosters entrepreneurship and sustainable thinking
  •           provides readiness to work in an international context

Practical training is a part of the studies at Novia UAS. Students may opt to do their internship or write their final thesis in a regional, national or international enterprise or organisation, which often leads to employment after graduation. 

Distance Learning Courses

Student services

Novia offers a wide range of services to make sure that our students thrive in their studies and student life. Every campus has its own student service office where you can turn to if you need advice or information about the studies. Students also have access to study counsellors, international coordinators and library services.

Admissions Services are a part of the Student Services and can be contacted in issues regarding joint application and student admission.

Housing services

Students are expected to arrange their own living before their arrival in Finland. Apply for student living as soon as possible after receiving your decision on student admission to ensure that you have a place to stay.

Affordable apartments in Vaasa can be rented from the Student Housing Foundation (VOAS), who offers shared apartments, studios and family apartments.

The Student Village Foundation of Turku rents apartments for students in Turku.

In Raasepori you can rent apartments on campus from Kustregionens utbildningsfastigheter.

The free market is also an option for finding an apartment in Vaasa, Turku, Raasepori and Pietarsaari.

Library services

Novia UAS provides library and information services on every campus. You can find the printed and electronic collections and renew your loans through your own library.

ICT services

Since computers are a common part of our everyday work, all students should have their own laptops for their studies. Novia will continue to have computer rooms, especially for the parts of the study work that require heavier software and special equipment.

The ICT Services are responsible for the operation and development of Novia’s ICT systems as well as operating IT-support.

Medical services

The goal for student health care is to maintain and promote the student's health. At Novia you have student nurses, doctors, as well as psychologists available.

Campus life

Novia UAS acts along the Swedish-speaking parts of the Finnish coastline and has five campuses in Vaasa, Turku, Raasepori and Pietarsaari. All campuses are located close to the city center, have modern facilities and provides an attractive learning environment. Every campuses have restaurants and cafés that offer meals for a very affordable price for students.

Sports facilities

Campus Sport and ÅAU Sports provide sport activities and happenings for students. The campuses are close to nature and has excellent opportunities for outdoor activities like jogging, skiing, ice skating and swimming. Close by you will also find gyms, some of them offer student membership and student discounts.

Student clubs

The student union Novium represents the entire student community at Novia UAS. Novium supervises all Novia students’ interest through representing students in decision-making bodies in Novia, as well as working with educational issues regarding studies at Novia and with social issues such as financial aid, housing, exercise and health. Novium looks after students’ interests and makes sure that they are as comfortable as possible in their environment and day-to-day life.

Every degree student can join the student union. Once you have become a member of Novium, you get a student card, which provides you with a variety of discounts and benefits.

Novia UAS is FINEEC audited (quality assurance certificate by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre) and certified by the international standard ISO 9001 for quality management systems.

Vaasa, Province of Western Finland, Finland


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