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Just Google “Inspirational teacher movie” and you will be flooded with links to uplifting speeches and slow-motion montages and Robin Williams encouraging you to step on your desk. You too can inspire a classroom full of misfit, rebellious kids, once you undertake a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in Education & Training!

Being a multidisciplinary field, Education & Training programmes cover aspects of Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, Economics - all forming the fundamentals on which your teaching strategy will be built and implemented.

Teaching is both a vital and extremely challenging career move, and because there is such a broad range of fields that require, well, education and training, the range of careers you can find is quite wide. These could be:

• Athletics Coaching
• Corporate Training
• Emergency Medical Services (EMS) – yes, that training bit of Education & Training
• Education
• English as a Second Language (ESL) Instruction
• Health Education
• Life Coaching;
• Military Training

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Suggested Online Programmes Education & Training

Ph. D. Education

Walden’s Ph.D. in Education program offers educators and administrators the opportunity to grow as scholars and innovators in higher education. Gain access to distinguished faculty members, ongoing support, and three learning formats, depending on your chosen specialization. Conduct original research in your area of interest, deepen your research skills, and prepare to contribute as an education leader, administrator, faculty member, or policymaker.

United States
M.A. Childhood and Youth

This course offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of childhood and youth underpinned by a commitment to integrated practice. This Childhood and Youth programme is offered by The Open University UK.

United Kingdom
M.Ed. Education

The online M.Ed. in Education at The Open University UK analyses specific aspects of educational practice and explores essential methods used in educational research. The Master’s programme will teach you to address inequality in educational practice and train you to become an inspiring teacher. Specialise in areas like applied linguistics, inclusive practice, or leadership and management.

United Kingdom
Postgraduate Certificate Postgraduate Certificate in Integrated Practice in Childhood and Youth

The online Postgraduate Certificate in Integrated Practice in Childhood and Youth at The Open University UK offers a broad view on legal, social, psychological and economic factors that influence children's development. The postgraduate certificate analyses topics like children’s rights, child criminology and youth justice. Learn to develop solutions to promote children’s wellbeing.

United Kingdom