Arcada University of Applied Sciences

Arcada University of Applied Sciences

Arcada is a multi-professional University of Applied Sciences  in Finland. At Arcada high level research with societal impact meets lifelong learning within all our areas of expertise; Business management and analytics, Energy and materials technology, Health and welfare, Culture and media, and Healthcare. Together with our partners, we are building Nordic bridges to be globally relevant.   

Top reasons to study here

  • A globally relevant higher education institution based in Helsinki, working at the forefront of change and development.
  • Through education and research, we create smart solutions for a rewarding and sustainable life.
  • Inclusive and encouraging environment.

Distance Learning Courses

Business & Management (1)
Medicine & Health (1)



Arcada University of Applied Sciences was established in Helsinki in 1996. Arcada University of Applied Sciences, originates from three different institutions: The Swedish Commercial College, Swedish Institute of Technology, Helsinki and Helsinki Swedish College of Nursing and Health Care. The owner of Arcada University of Applied Sciences is the Arcada Foundation. 


Regardless of whether this is the first step in your career or if you are already well immersed in working life, Arcada offers education and courses that will ensure that you are fully equipped to tackle future challenges. 


Arcada provides an innovative environment with a focus on research-based innovation in the business and public sectors, and with a strong interaction between teaching and research. The need for continuous and deep collaboration between education and research is needed, e.g. to prepare students for a knowledge-based, rapidly changing working life, where students also need to have the capability and knowledge to create their own workplaces. 


Student services

Arcada's Administration Office prepares and implements decisions that are taken by the Rector or Arcada's collegiate administrative bodies, takes responsibility for Arcada's and Human Resources Administration. Recruitment of staff is also among the tasks of the Administration Office.

Arcada's Administration Office is under the leadership of the Administrative and HR Director. The Administrative and HR Director has the right to attend and express an opinion at all of Arcada's collegiate administrative bodies. The Administrative and HR Director is a member of the Management Group. 

Housing services

Almost 500 student apartments are found on Arcadas campus. As an Arcada student you are welcome to apply for accommodation on campus.

Students at Arcada often find an apartment through HOAS, the Foundation for Student Housing. HOAS maintains approximately 10 000 student apartments in the metropolitan region.You can also visit the HOAS Facebook page for more information.

The HOAS apartments usually consist of private rooms with a common kitchen and bathroom. Most of the apartments are unfurnished, but there is a small number of furnished flats with essential furnishing (table, chair, bed, not including linen or kitchenware!). 

Library services

Arcada’s library, located in block C2, offers library and information services for Arcada’s students and staff. 

ICT services

The IT unit is responsible for the operation and development of Arcada's information system and IT infrastructure as well as operating IT-support.

The Head of the IT unit is responsible for the management, comprehensive development and operational plan of the unit. 

Student Life

Campus life

The Arcada campus, built in 2004, is quite unique in Helsinki as it is a complete campus, with the university of applied sciences, student housing and the student union house close by. The campus is perfectly situated combining its own personal milieu with excellent transportation to the city centre and onwards. You reach the city centre in 20 minutes by bus or tram, and the closest metro stop isn’t far away either. Next to the student housing is a shopping mall, which offers everything you need in your daily life and the surrounding area offers excellent opportunities for leisure activities. 

Sports facilities

There are great opportunities to exercise and do sports at Arcada.  As a student you can gain access to the Arcada hall. 

Student clubs

At Arcada you will find four associations for students:

  • Commedia rf
  • HanSe – Trade and Service Student Association
  • HoSK – Comrade Association at the Institution for Health and Social Care.
  • TLK – the Comrade Association of the Technical Institute. 
  • Kult rf

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