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Philosophy and ethics aims to look into the human problems related to existence, knowledge and moral values that govern a person's behaviour. These problems are considered based on rational argumentation using systematic approaches. Philosophy strives to acquire knowledge by rational means about the issues that are difficult for empirical investigations. This study field has three main sub-fields: natural philosophy, moral philosophy and metaphysical philosophy.

Philosophy degrees cover many other branches including epistemology, logic, metaphysics, aesthetics, and philosophy of language, philosophy of law, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of science.

Ethics is the part of philosophy that analyses fundamental values and systems of moral principles that define good human conduct. The discipline is usually divided into: applied ethics (how people should behave), normative ethics (what moral principles should be used) and meta-ethics (studying the nature of moral facts). Ethics touches real-word contexts and is involved in the right conduct of many professional activities such as medical ethics, environmental ethics and business ethics.

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Suggested Online Programmes Philosophy & Ethics

Short Online Course Design for Values

This Design for Values course from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)  takes a context-sensitive approach which is a trademark of the work done at the Philosophy Section of Delft University of Technology.

M.A. Philosophy

The M.A. in Philosophy at The Open University UK is an online course that teaches students to analyse and answer contemporary philosophical questions from a wide range of perspectives, by studying texts from Ancient and European philosophy. The Master proposes discussions on subjects concerning environmental aesthetics, global justice, political philosophy and the philosophy of emotions.

United Kingdom
Postgraduate Certificate Philosophy and Ethics

 Through this liberal arts graduate certificate in Philosophy and Ethics from Harvard University, you will challenge your own point of view and gain a deeper understanding of philosophy and ethics through relevant works in the arts, sciences, and culture across historical eras.

United States
M.A. Applied and Professional Ethics

This online Applied and Professional Ethics degree from University of Leeds will allow you to develop the knowledge and skills to handle ethical issues as they arise in the workplace.It’s specially designed to help people in business, the public sector, the professions, the third sector and walks of life to explore different approaches to ethical problems.

United Kingdom