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Toxicology studies the negative effects of chemicals on different living organisms, with special attention given to how they affect humans. Toxicologists investigate, interpret and communicate how these effects take place and provide the necessary information for implementing protection measures.

Specialised toxicology degrees analyse the noxious effects of drugs and industrial chemicals, and teach how to avoid and treat toxicity.

Toxicology is a highly interdisciplinary field connecting knowledge from biology, chemistry, medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and environmental science. In addition to a high focus on research, toxicology also focuses on risk assessment and management for consumer products, to safeguard public health. Other responsibilities may include making sure working environments are safe for employees.

Based on diverse chemical and biological aspects of substances, toxicology studies offer various specialized sub-disciplines such as neuro-toxicology, aquatic toxicology, chemical toxicology, environmental toxicology, forensic toxicology, and medical toxicology. Bachelors and Masters in Toxicology are usually offered by universities at graduate level or higher and have a high research focus.

Toxicologists are frequently employed in industry, academia and regulatory institutions in fields such as forensics, healthcare, pharmaceutical sciences, environmental health, the regulatory sector, education, and more.

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Suggested Online Programmes Toxicology

M.Sc. Veterinary Medical Sciences (Specialization in Forensic Toxicology)

The Forensic Toxicology concentration is provided by the College of Veterinary Medicine. It focuses on general and advanced principles of toxicology, forensic toxicology and drug metabolism providing a strong foundation in analytical techniques, pharmacokinetics, drug elimination and toxicology. Modules in forensic pharmacology, doping control, postmortem toxicology, expert testimony and QA/QC procedures are also featured.

United States
B.Sc. Nuclear Medicine Technology

Nuclear Medicine Technology is an exciting medical specialty that uses radioactive medications to image organs and tissues in the human body. Nuclear Medicine Technologists are responsible for preparing and administering the medications to patients undergoing Nuclear Medicine tests. They also operate the sophisticated scanners that are used to perform the imaging. The Nuclear Medicine Technology Program at Ferris State University is the only university-based program in Michigan.

United States
MSc/PgDip/PgCert Medical Toxicology

This programme is designed for doctors, pharmacists and other scientists who wish to develop a broad understanding of the principles underlying medical toxicology.

United Kingdom
PgDip/MSc Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Monitoring

The MSc Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Monitoring by the Ulster University offers you exciting opportunities to investigate these topics further. This fully online distance-learning course provides advanced training in environmental toxicology, monitoring techniques and global environmental legislation.

United Kingdom