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Environmental Sciences refers to the study of environmental issues and the impact of human activities on the natural world. It examines aspects like global warming, desertification, deforestation, melting of the polar ice caps, pollution, and so on.

Environmental Sciences overlap with other disciplines, such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Ecology, Geosciences, and Social Sciences.

Environmental Sciences seeks to answer questions like: Which are the most urgent environmental problems and what’s their current and future impact? What policies can be implemented to reduce our negative impact on natural ecosystems? How to make governments and international organisations more aware of eco-friendly products, systems, and laws?

Environmental Sciences classes include topics such as: Sustainable Energy Systems, Data Analysis, Geographic Information Systems, Earth System Chemistry, Biology and Physics, Conservation Biology, Environmental Ethics, Policy Advocacy, Environmental Law, Biological Processes, etc.

Environmental Sciences can lead to a successful career as an: environmental consultant, environmental education officer, environmental engineer, marine biologist, sustainability consultant, water quality scientist and many other responsibilities.

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