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Environmental sciences study the effects of processes in nature, regardless of their cause and analyse how physical elements interact and what consequences these actions have. Some of its most important sub-fields of study are biology, ecology, physics, zoology, chemistry, mineralogy and soil sciences.

A Bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences also includes social studies that focus on human interactions and relationships and their impact on the environment. These aspects lead to development of policies that protect the planet’s activity. Once students enrol in a Master’s degree in environmental sciences, they will have the possibility to specialize in policy development, natural resources management or GIS (geographic information system).

Careers in environmental sciences are diverse and, most of the time, include both desk and field work. Graduates can become environmental education or recycling officers, environmental managers or health practitioners, toxicologists, landscape architect and transport planners.

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Suggested Online Programmes Environmental Sciences

Bachelor Accident Forensics

The Accident Forensics program at CQUniversity Australia is a unique program designed to equip you with the skills to conduct and analyse accident investigations based on knowledge and techniques relevant to road, rail, air and industrial environments.

Master Maritime Archaeology

The Master of Maritime Archaeology from Flinders University is a 72 unit program offered by the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.

Postgraduate Diploma Maritime Archaeology

The Graduate Diploma in Maritime Archaeology from Flinders University is a 36-unit program which is part of the Graduate Program in Maritime Archaeology offered by the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.

M.A. Climate Change And Global Sustainability

The Climate Change And Global Sustainability program offered by School of International Training is designed for professionals who want to make a difference in sustainability, ecological conservation, and community livelihoods. An advanced knowledge of science is not required; you will learn the key concepts of climate science on the program.

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