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Climate Studies and Meteorology is the scientific study of the planet’s atmosphere, its changes, and patterns. It helps us to understand atmospheric phenomena and to predict the weather. Climate Studies or Meteorology is also referred to as Climate Science, and it examines the climate at all levels — global, regional, local — to determine how it changes and what are the main factors behind environmental issues like climate change.

Climate Studies aim to answer questions like: What’s the difference between climate and weather? How much snow can we expect this winter? Which are the highest recorded temperatures for this period? What are the main human activities that have a negative impact on the atmosphere? What’s the intensity of the next hurricane or tropical storm?

A typical Climate Science or Meteorology curriculum includes subject like Atmospheric Science, Geographic Information Systems, Climate Systems, Chemistry, Dynamic Meteorology, Earth Sciences, Radars and Satellites, Climatology, etc.

Climate Studies and Meteorology can be applied in military, energy production, agriculture, transport or constructions, among other fields, resulting in vast employment opportunities. Graduates can become weather forecasters in the public or private sector, forensic or broadcast meteorologists or even teachers.

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