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Hydrology is studying the movement, distribution and quality of water on our planet. Hydrology focuses on following the cycle of water in nature, from evaporation, condensation, movement and returning on Earth as precipitation, and then back to the oceans through rivers. Hydrology also studies the ballance between the water cycle and the planet’s climate, and the impact climate change has on this process.

Water Management is related to the development of policies and regulations concerning the preservation and protection of clean water sources as well as measures to minimise climate change impact on water. Water management also includes treatment of drinking water, industrial water, sewage and wastewater, flood protection and more.

Hydrology uses methods and knoledge from Chemistry, Biology and Physics, while Water Management is more connected to disciplines such as Sustainability and Resource Management.

The field of study covers subjects such as hydrogeology, marine hydrology, drainage basin management, water quality, irrigation, water conservation and water treatment. Hydrology and Water Management students will learn how to assess available amounts of water in a certain region, establish quantities of drinking water, study the potential impact of floods and design ways to prevent them, evaluate how polution impacts the quality of water, and much more.

Hydrology and Water Management graduates closely work with environmental engineers, geologists and civil engineers. Opportunities after graduating Hydrology and Water Management cover jobs as a group manager in a private company, university lecturer, scientists in hydrology or water resources consultant in a state agency.

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