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What is an Online Study in International Development?

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International Development is a subfield of Social Sciences that focuses on raising global wellbeing. Some of the main problems tackled by International Development are poverty, malnutrition, water and sanitation, education, healthcare, and upholding human rights.

International Development — or Global Development — is based on the idea that in an interconnected world, if others are doing a bit better, this will also have a positive impact on everyone else.

International Development includes classes in Humanitarian Aid and Development, Conflict Management, Development Ethics, Community Action, Foreign Policy, International Political Economy, World Politics, Emerging Economies, etc.

During International Development courses, students analyse national and international policies to find solutions and help public and private organisations improve the living standards in developing countries, which need it the most. With their collaboration, you’ll be able to implement projects focusing on boosting the local economy, allocating resources more efficiently, and empowering both individuals and communities.

Graduates of International Development are generally employed by NGOs, foundations, consultants, or advocates, and can find jobs in fields such as Research, Policymaking, Diplomacy, PR, and Advocacy.

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