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What is Italian Studies?

A degree in Italian Studies is an opportunity to learn about the rich culture, history, and language of Italy. It offers a deep understanding of Italian literature, art, film, and society. You will have the chance to explore the nuances of the Italian language and become an expert in Italian cultural studies, which will open the door for a wide range of careers and a lifelong appreciation of all things Italian.

Italian Studies specialisations

Within the field of Italian Studies, the most common specialisations help you develop specific aspects of the Italian language, culture, and history. Some of these specialisations include:

  • Italian Literature;
  • Italian Cinema;
  • Italian Art and Architecture;
  • Italian Language and Linguistics;
  • Italian History and Society.

What will you learn during the Italian Studies programme

Enrolling in an Italian Studies programme gives you the opportunity to explore the Italian language, culture, literature, and history. You will also learn a range of skills to use in your future profession. If you're wondering why Italian Studies is a good degree, here's what you'll gain:

  • advanced language proficiency and an expanded vocabulary;
  • the ability to analyse and interpret Italian literary works from renowned authors and;
  • significant literary movements;
  • knowledge of Italian art, cinema, and music;
  • a deep understanding of Italy's past and present.

Common courses include:

  • Italian Literature about the most important Italian writers and works;
  • History of the Italian Language which takes through the beginning and development of Italian from the Latin language;
  • Italian Contemporary Cinema, about the themes and styles used in today's Italian films;
  • Italian Renaissance, where you study the great Renaissance masters;
  • Italian Contemporary History, which gives an insight into the country's role in today's world.

If you're wondering if Italian Studies is a good degree, think about the well-rounded understanding of Italian art, history, and cultural contributions that you will gain. Moreover, this knowledge of Italy's rich cultural heritage prepares you for diverse career paths, including academia, cultural institutions, translation, and tourism.

Skills required to study Italian Studies

To excel in an Italian Studies degree, you need strong language proficiency in Italian and a genuine passion for the Italian culture. Among the essential Italian studies degree requirements, you should count critical thinking, research skills, and cultural sensitivity. Additionally, open-mindedness and willingness to engage with diverse perspectives will enhance your experience in this field.

What can you do with a Degree in Italian Studies?

Italian Studies sound like a lot of fun, but what can you do with an Italian Studies degree? Graduates can pursue one of these popular career paths:

  • Language instructor;
  • Italian translator and interpreter;
  • Cultural advisor;
  • Tour guide.

You can also find different roles in international relations, publishing, or journalism. Opportunities also exist in academia, research, and cultural institutions, where you can promote the Italian language, culture, and understanding between cultures.

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