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What are British Studies?

British studies, sometimes referred to as British culture or British history, is an academic discipline that explores various aspects of the United Kingdom. It covers topics like literature, art, politics, society, and the country's rich heritage. During a British Studies degree, you will gain a deeper understanding of Britain's past, present, and influence on the world.

British Studies specialisations

The most common specialisations of a British Studies degree include:

  • English Literature;
  • History of Britain;
  • British Politics;
  • Cultural Studies;
  • Linguistics.

These fields allow you to gain a deeper knowledge of a particular aspect of British culture which will later influence your career path.

What will you learn during a British Studies programme?

Enrolling in a British Studies degree is an excellent choice for someone who has an interest in Britain and its culture. During this programme, you learn about all aspects of British life, from history, literature, and art to politics and social customs. If you're wondering why British Studies is a good degree, here are some examples of what you will gain:

  • knowledge of different periods of British history;
  • exploration of British literary traditions, from early works to contemporary literature;
  • understanding of British art history and architectural styles;
  • developing critical thinking, research, and analytical skills;
  • understanding the structure of the British government, political parties, elections, and the monarchy.

Common courses include:

  • English linguistics, where you study the English language in depth;
  • Contemporary British Literature and Film, about the most important works of film and literature in today's Britain;
  • British Politics and Society, which gives you knowledge of political structures in British society;
  • Irish and Welsh Studies, which includes the most important cultural, historical, and political aspects of these areas;
  • Ideas and Influences in British History, a chance to understand how these influential ideas change Britain and sometimes the world.

Overall, British Studies is worthwhile if you want to learn about the influential people, events, and cultural movements that shaped British society. Moreover, you develop the skills to analyse anything from an interdisciplinary perspective which takes multiple factors into consideration.

Skills required for British Studies

A degree in British Studies has a big focus on writing and researching, which means you need strong skills in these areas to excel. Apart from that, you need to be genuinely passionate about history, culture, and literature. Yet, more important than anything else and the main British Studies degree requirement is true love for all things British.

What can you do with a Degree in British Studies?

One of the main concerns of anyone choosing a degree is what comes after. So, what can you do after a British Studies degree? Graduates can pursue one of these popular career paths:

  • Work in academia as a professor or researcher;
  • Become museum curators or archivists;
  • Work in journalism or publishing;
  • Build a career in diplomacy or international relations;
  • Become cultural consultants.
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