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International Relations (IR) studies the interactions and relations between countries, multinational organisations, and other social and political entities. International Relations has a broad focus and approaches a variety of topics, like globalisation, foreign policy, global security, social movements, environmental law, and so on.

Students can choose from multiple International Relations branches: International Security, International Law, International Political Economy, International Logistics, Conflict Resolution, etc.

International Relations is especially relevant nowadays, given the current social and geopolitical climate. International Relations can help us better understand the shortcomings of our political and economic systems. Based on these understandings, new policies and approaches could be implemented that will benefit everybody, including the natural environment.

During an International Relations degree, you will study classes in Global Cultures and Societies, Human Rights, Environmental Issues, Foreign Policy Analysis, Political Philosophy, Nations and Nationalism, Social Science, etc.

International Relations graduates will be paving the way for a future career in International Politics, International Business, International Diplomacy, or International Law. Students who graduate International Relations find jobs as a: diplomatic service officer, intelligence analyst, policy officer, public affairs consultant and others.

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