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Political Science deals with government and politics at state, national, and international levels. It focuses on understanding and implementing effective practices to develop and improve societies. You will become familiarized with the institutions operating within a state and such values as rights, justice, freedoms and obliagtions of political actors to the people who placed them in power.

Political Science looks for answers to questions such as: How do governments opperate? What social actions can be taken to influence government decisions? How is law enforced in a state? How does globalization influence the way we live?

Some of the subfields of Political Science are Political Theory, History of Politics, Comparative Politics, Political Philosophy, International Relations, Public Policy and others. Politics courses will teach you how to critically analyse political discourse and tactics, how to run a political campaign, and how to create voter awareness on relevant topics. A lot of Political Science studies are based on research on topics such as political systems, social trends, policies and laws, public opinion, and more.

You’ll also develop debating skills and discover how you can successfully build political arguments. You will be taught about the distribution of power and resources and how they impact individual countries and international relations. Additionally, you'll discover how to use factors such as ethics, justice, peace, and public health to analyse and measure the success of governance and democracy and how to improve them.

Political Science graduates find successful careers as a politicians, lobbyists, political campaign managers, political consultants, PR specialists, legal assistants, political commentators and more.

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