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Natural Sciences are a group of disciplines that study the physical world and all the phenomena in nature. Natural Sciences have two main branches: Physical Sciences, like Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Mathematics, or Astronomy and Biological Sciences, like Biology, Botany, Zoology, Genetics, or Microbiology.

Although you can find general Natural Science degrees, most academic programmes focus on the branches or subdisciplines listed above. Classes vary from one degree to another, but a typical Natural Science curriculum includes subjects like Essential Mathematics, Statistics, Extraterrestrial Life, Astronomy of the Universe, Astronomy of the Solar System, General Biology, General Chemistry, Physical Geology, etc.

People who study Natural Sciences are passionate about the world around us and want to discover its secrets. They like research, hands-on experiences, and enjoy identifying smart solutions present in nature, which can be used to solve complex human problems.

Graduates of Natural Sciences degrees are well qualified for a wide variety of scientific careers such as research and development, marketing and management in biotechnology. Students can find jobs as environmental engineers, actuarial technicians, landscape architects, commercial food trainees and more.

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