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Plant Sciences deals with the study of plants by gaining knowledge of plant morphology, biogeography, classification, histology (microscopic structure), physiology, and plant pathology. Crop Sciences study ways of improving crops and agricultural productivity while effectively managing pests. The aim of Plant and Crop Sciences programmes is to analyse interactions of plants and crops with the environments they grow in.

Plant and Crop Sciences prepares students to ensure plant growth, development and quality. They use natural resources and conservation practices to produce food, fuel, fibre, and pharmaceutical crops, while maintaining the health of the natural environment. Plant and Crop Sciences are a subdivision of Agriculture and are related to such subjects as Botany, Genetics, Environmental Sciences, Soil Sciences, Entomology, and more. Students will have the opportunity to combine theoretical disciplines with practical laboratory work in research centres.

Plant and crop sciences offer relevant knowledge on: sustainable agriculture, field crop systems, seed biology, pest management, crop management, water management, plant breeding and genetics, or seed science.

Careers in the area of Plant and Crop Sciences include jobs such as agronomist, agricultural consultant, soil scientist, botanist, food scientist, agriculture manager, and more.

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